Training units

Lock in savings with prepaid training credits

Red Hat® training units (TUs) offer organizations a simple way to purchase training for their teams while locking in savings up front.


Training units are prepaid credits that can be redeemed for JBoss® Enterprise Middleware or Red Hat Enterprise Linux® training offerings. These prepaid credits provide the flexibility to purchase training in advance and allow training redemption throughout the year.


Training management simplified

Red Hat training units simplify administration of your teams' Linux training and make it easy for you to choose the training that’s right for your business today. Training units are valid for 1 year and may be redeemed individually. Upon purchase, training units are non-refundable.

Flexibility and manageability

  • Easy to purchase and administer

  • Can be used for training for up to 12 months

  • Eliminates the need to purchase training ad hoc


  • Can be used for up to 12 months after purchase

  • May be redeemed for any training course, exam, or training method

  • Fast turnaround for on-site scheduling


  • Lock in volume discounts up front, and use them for a full year

  • A great way to use unallocated budget effectively

Number of TUs


Estimated number of courses

Total savings range

0 - 39


0 - 4


40 - 79


4 - 9

$600 - $1,185

80 - 169


9 - 21

$2,400 - $5,070

170 - 339


21 - 42

$7,650 - $15,255



43 +


Your training, your needs

The amount of training needed depends on your environment and can vary based on your staff's current experience level, the number of planned servers per administrator, and the Red Hat solution you’re deploying.