Online Learning Labs

Get more hands-on practice after you complete the course

Do you need more practice to master the hands-on essential tasks taught in our training courses? Now you can have more lab time with Red Hat® Online Learning Labs.

Online Learning labs are the same hands-on labs included in our Red Hat Online Learning courses, and they provide the same high-quality, robust lab environment you would find in our classroom and virtual classroom courses.

These cloud-based labs are now available as a separate purchase, so that current and past students of any of our course delivery options (whether it be classroom, virtual classroom, or online learning) can spend extra time practicing essential, real-world skills.

During your 90-day subscription, you'll have access to up to 80 hours of online, hands-on lab sessions, deployed through the Amazon EC2 cloud.

Online Learning labs are available for the following courses:

Red Hat System Administration I Labs (RH124L)

Red Hat System Administration II Labs (RH134L)

Red Hat System Administration III Labs (RH254L)

Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I Labs (JB248L)

Note: Online Learning labs are meant as a complementary offering to the related course and are not effective as stand-alone training. Online Learning labs are currently only available for purchase in North America and certain European countries*. Look for Online Learning labs to be added to other locations in the future. Online Learning labs are currently only available in English.

*Online Learning labs are currently available in the following countries:
United States, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

If you do not see your country listed here and are interested in Online Learning labs, contact us:
Europe-Middle East-Africa
  |  Asia-Pacific Latin America

Connectivity tests may be required. Contact us to check your connectivity status or for further assistance.

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