Remote classroom training

High-definition classroom training experience

Red Hat® is pleased to offer an alternative to established classroom training. Remote classroom training is now available for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and JBoss® Enterprise Middleware core system administration courses. Available in select locations, remote classroom training lets students learn in a Red Hat-authorized training facility, while the instructor teaches class remotely via video conferencing.

Video conferencing with a live instructor

Through video conferencing, remote training students receive an industry-leading training experience. Each classroom has a 52" television that incorporates 2-way video and audio with a live instructor. Students see a live video stream of the instructor's lectures, and the instructor can see the remote students in their classroom.

The continuous audio feed lets students ask questions and participate in the class at all times. Online interaction between the students and the instructor lets the instructor view the students' lab computers and assist them as necessary.

Benefits of remote classroom training

Remote classroom training enables students to attend a local classroom course, reducing travel costs and avoiding delays due to low-attendance cancellations.

  • Classes are located at select Red Hat-authorized training facilities.
  • Course material is identical to the traditional classroom material.
  • Interaction is via 2-way video displayed on 52” classroom televisions.
  • Continuous 2-way audio enhances class participation and facilitates question-and-answer feedback.
  • Includes online interaction between the instructor and remote students on their classroom lab computers.

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