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Red Hat® Online Learning is our next-generation, self-paced online learning that addresses the real needs of the modern technology professional. These courses feature the same high quality course content found in our traditional classrooms, supplemented with ground-breaking, cloud-based labs. Some of our online learning courses also include dozens of recorded webinars by senior instructors.


Courses with recorded webinars

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Courses that do not include recorded webinars

Note: Online Learning courses are currently only available for purchase in North America, Latin America and certain European and Asia-Pacific countries. See bottom of this page for a complete list. Look for Online Learning courses to be added to other locations in the future. Online Learning courses are currently only available in English.

Red Hat Online Learning provides you with:

  • A 90-day subscription providing unlimited user access to Red Hat Online Learning course content and webinars.
  • 80-hours of online, hands-on lab access, deployed through Amazon EC2 cloud.
  • Preparation for our Red Hat Certified System Administration and Red Hat Certified Engineer exams (EX200 and EX300).
  • Online course materials created and supported by Red Hat curriculum architects with deep experience as Linux® administrators and instructors.
  • The same course content as our industry-leading classroom training, optimized for online learning.
  • A library of webinars and video lectures given by Red Hat curriculum architects, providing the same insight you would find in a traditional classroom (currently only available for RH124R, RH134R, RH254R, JB225R, and JB248R).
  • Accessibility—online coursebooks and webinars can be viewed via many mobile devices as well as a laptop or desktop computer.

Red Hat Online Learning  components

The combination of a strong curriculum, robust labs, and webinars from Red Hat experts delivers the practical and applied knowledge you need to advance your Linux administration skills and prepare for hands-on certification exams.

Online Learning content (included in all courses)

Online Learning course content is based upon the same course content you'd find in our traditional classroom courses, covering the same concepts and tasks. The course materials have been optimized for the self-study, however, with more explanations. Each online workbook includes code snippets and graphics to illustrate the text and aid learning. Each unit also includes a knowledge check, an opportunity for the student to validate their comprehension of the material before moving on to the Online Lab. Students are given immediate feedback as to whether or not they understand what they have just been taught. The coursebook can be viewed from a mobile device as well as a laptop or desktop computer.

Online Learning labs (included in all courses)

Our hands-on labs are at the core of our traditional classroom courses. For Online Learning, we provide the same high-quality, robust lab environment. Students can expect to spend as much as half of their time doing hands-on labs. These labs are delivered over the cloud via the same platform we've used in our Virtual Classroom training courses. Because of the robustness of these labs, this is the one component of our Online Learning that must be conducted via a laptop or desktop computer.

Online Learning webinars (included in some courses)

For additional knowledge, students will have access to approximately 30-40 pre-recorded webinars on a variety of topics delivered by senior Red Hat instructors. Webinars range from 5-20 minutes in length and are conducted by our senior Red Hat instructors, examiners, and members of our curriculum team. Our webinars can be viewed from mobile devices, as well as a laptop or desktop computer. Online learning webinars are only included in RH124R, RH134R, RH254R, JB225R, and JB248R. They are not included in CL280R, CL275R, CL210R, JB232R, JB234R, JB325R, JB421R, JB426R, JB435R, JB437R, JB463R or RH413R.

Connectivity testing

Connectivity tests might be required in some countries. To check your connectivity status please contact us at the appropriate email address below.

Countries currently offering Red Hat Online Learning

Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ecudaor, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela. If you do not see your country listed here, but are still interested in our Online Learning products, contact us at the appropriate email address below.

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Terms and conditions for countries outside of North America are displayed during the registration process, prior to purchase. 

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