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Speakers: Red Hat Virtual Experience


Scott Crenshaw - Vice President, Cloud Business Unit, Red Hat

Scott Crenshaw

Scott Crenshaw leads Red Hat's Cloud Business Unit, responsible for Red Hat's cloud computing and virtualization businesses. In addition, Scott leads the company's drive to integrate marketing across all business units. Prior to this position, Scott was the Vice President leading the company's Platform Business Unit, which includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux as well as the company's MRG, storage and client product lines.

Prior to joining Red Hat, Scott was Chief Executive Officer of NTRU, a leading innovator in security technology whose investors included Greylock, Lehman Brothers, Sony, and Texas Instruments. Scott held a number of executive positions at enterprise software vendor Datawatch, including Vice President of Business Development and Vice President of Product Development. Earlier, he held engineering roles at IBM and start-ups. Scott is a Sloan Fellow at the MIT Sloan School of Management; he received an MBA from MIT and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from North Carolina State University.

Session Time
Keynote - The Future of Clouds 11:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)

Brian Stevens - CTO and Vice President, Worldwide Engineering, Red Hat

Brian Stevens

Brian Stevens joined Red Hat's senior management team in 2001 and has been critical to the company's enterprise operating system, storage, and virtualization strategies. As CTO and Vice President, Worldwide Engineering, Stevens has responsibility for Red Hat engineering globally, encompassing Linux, virtualization, middleware, and cloud.

Stevens began his career at Digital Equipment Corporation, where he was a developer on the first commercial release of the X Windows System. During his 14 years at Digital, he became a senior member of technical staff, where he was responsible for the architecture and development of the UNIX and clustering product lines. Stevens earned a master's degree in Computer Systems from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of New Hampshire.

Session Time
Keynote - Open Source Cloud: A Technology Evolution 12:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Dan Allen - Principal Software Engineer, JBoss Enterprise Middleware, Red Hat

Dan Allen, principal software engineer at Red Hat, is a member of the Seam and Weld project teams at Red Hat, the author of Seam in Action, a representative on the JSR-314 (JSF 2.0) expert group, and a frequent speaker at major industry conferences, including JavaOne, Devoxx, TSSJS, Jazoon, and NFJS. In 2009, Dan was awarded the JavaOne Rock Star award.

Dan become deeply involved in free and open source software (FOSS), namely Linux and Java enterprise frameworks, shortly after graduating from Cornell University. His passion for these technologies continue to drive him today. You can keep up with his discoveries by subscribing to his blogs, and, and by following him on Twitter,

Session Time
Java EE 6 & CDI: Legacy Framework Wheels Off. Ready to Roll! 06:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Jason Andersen - Senior Product Manager, Red Hat

Jason Andersen

Jason Andersen is the senior product manager at Red Hat responsible for the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform. Jason has been working in various roles within end user software for over 15 years. He has worked with hundreds of customers worldwide in defining and implementing portal, content, and collaboration solutions in many different industries. Prior to joining Red Hat, Jason was a senior product manager at IBM responsible for the delivery if IBM WebSphere Portal and Accelerators.

Session Time
Assemble a Great Web Experience from the Ground Up 03:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Jon Atkins - Director, Middleware Program Marketing, Red Hat

Jon Atkins

Jon Atkins, director of program marketing for Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise Middleware, is responsible for the creation of marketing programs to be executed by regional marketing teams around the globe.

Prior to join Red Hat, Jon served as worldwide team lead for HP OpenView horizontal management solutions, where he was responsible for all aspects of positioning, outbound marketing, and promotion. Jon also served as a product manager for HP OpenView, and in various marketing roles with the HP Middleware division, including competitive intelligence, market research, and analyst relations. Prior to joining HP, Jon held various marketing positions for Bluestone Software, a $40 million provider of J2EE and XML-based e-business software platforms, tools, and integration services for business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and mobile transactions.

Jon earned an MBA with a concentration in Management Information Systems from Drexel University, and a bachelor's degree in Marketing from the College of New Jersey.

Session Time
JBoss Enterprise Middleware 101: Portfolio Overview 09:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)
JBoss Enterprise Middleware 101: Portfolio Overview (replay) 04:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Bill Bauman - Solution Architect, Cloud and Virtualization, Red Hat

Bill Bauman

Bill Bauman began his 18-year technology career in processor and network products development at Intel. He is currently recognized for his x86 virtualization and cloud computing industry leadership and serves as a cloud and virtualization solution architect at Red Hat. Prior to this role, he spent almost 13 years at IBM, most recently specializing in emerging technologies for IBM System x. Bill is also a specialist in scalable systems and is published in the field of processor performance.

Session Time
An Introduction to KVM & Open Source Virtualization Technologies 06:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Michel de Blok - Senior Software Engineer, SNS Bank


Session Time
Pioneering a path to the future with JBoss Business Process Management 08:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)

Tim Burke - Vice President, Platform Engineering, Red Hat

Tim Burke

Tim Burke is the engineering vice president of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux development team. He has been leading the delivery of Red Hat's enterprise releases since the initial Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 release.

Session Time
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Overview 09:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Overview (replay) 02:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Dr. Christian Caro - Area Manager, Logica Germany

Dr. Christian Caro originally studied Physics in Göttingen, Germany, completing his Doctorate in Bio-physical chemistry at the Max-Plank-Institute. His career began in the IT-Department of Desy in Hamburg, Germany, where he was a member of the research staff in the computer centre. In 2001 he moved to a dynamic new start-up company called Avinci which, after a number of different mergers and acquisitions, became Logica Germany. He currently holds the position of Area Manager in the unit "Enterprise Solutions".

Session Time
Best Practice - Creation of Portals Use Experience & Results 08:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)

Andy Cathrow - Senior Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Andy Cathrow

Andrew Cathrow serves as senior product marketing manager at Red Hat and is responsible for Red Hat's virtualization products. Prior to this position, Andrew managed Red Hat's sales engineers. Prior to joining Red Hat in 2006, Andrew worked in product management for a configuration company, and also for a software company that developed middleware and messaging mainframe and midrange systems. Earlier in his career, Andrew held various positions at IBM Global Services.

Session Time
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Overview & Roadmap 09:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Overview & Roadmap (replay) 04:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Lee Denison - Senior Architect, Red Hat

Lee Denison has experience designing and deploying middleware infrastructure and platforms within enterprise customer environments. His experience covers both the traditional challenges infrastructure deployment as well as application management and deployment. Lee has worked extensively with a range of government and public sector organizations as well financial and retail customers.

Session Time
Cloud Best Practices: Implementing for IaaS Tools, Components, & How to Put Them Together 08:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)

Chuck Dubuque - Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Chuck Dubuque

Chuck Dubuque is the product marketing manager for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and is responsible for market analysis, program strategy, and channel support. Prior to joining Red Hat, he worked for three years at a mid-sized VAR (value-added reseller) where he experienced both the marketing and engineering of enterprise hardware and software, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, VMware, Microsoft Windows Server, NetApp, IBM, Cisco, and Dell. Earlier in his career, Chuck spent eight years in the biotechnology space in marketing and business development. He earned an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College.

Session Time
Increasing Business Agility with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 10:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)

Mike Ferris - Director of Product Strategy, Cloud Computing, Red Hat

Mike Ferris

Michael Ferris is the Director of Product Strategy for Red Hat's cloud computing initiatives where he is responsible for identifying and designing emerging enterprise systems management and cloud offerings. Michael has more than 15 years of experience in enterprise software development and management. He led product marketing and management teams at Red Hat during the definition and introduction of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux flagship product line. Most recently, Michael guided the creation of Red Hat's enterprise security platform and cloud computing offerings.

Prior to joining Red Hat in 2000, Michael lead design, product management, and development at both start-up and enterprise software firms, including Relativity Technologies, Micro Focus, and Burl Software. Michael holds a master's degree in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from Vanderbilt University.

Session Time
Cloud with Red Hat: What, Where, & How 09:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)
Cloud with Red Hat: What, Where, & How (replay) 04:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Pierre Fricke - Director of Product Line Management, SOA Platforms, Red Hat

Pierre Fricke

Pierre Fricke serves as director of product line management for Red Hat's JBoss SOA platforms. In this role, Pierre is responsible for driving the strategy and enterprise messaging for JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, which includes JBoss ESB, JBoss jBPM, JBoss BRMS and JBoss Rules. Starting in 2005, Pierre led the product strategy for JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform and JBoss jBPM, and he lead Red Hat's expansion into the SOA market with the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform. Pierre focuses on expanding Red Hat's market presence in integration, service-oriented architecture, and business process automation, bringing the value of open source and community innovation to customers in these markets.

Pierre started working on UNIX at IBM in 1983 as one of the first AIX developers, building experience in data management, operating systems, communication programs, development processes, and customer support. After holding several software development management positions and completing his MBA at the University of Texas in Austin, Pierre became one of the leading strategists and marketing leaders in IBM focusing on interoperability, integration, WebSphere, Windows NT, UNIX, Linux, and open source. He led the creation of IBM's "Compete, Leverage, and Interoperate" Windows NT strategy after OS/2 was discontinued. He was one of the eight original leaders on the team that lead IBM into Linux and open source in 1998 and 1999. In 2000, Pierre joined D. H. Brown Associates, a research analyst firm, as vice president of application and integration infrastructure. In this role, he specialized in J2EE, Microsoft .NET, integration, Web services, and open source to drive significant growth in the firm's middleware business.

Session Time
Making Active Decisions with JBoss Enterprise BRMS 10:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)

Gordon Haff - Senior Cloud Product Manager, Red Hat

Gordon Haff

Gordon Haff is senior cloud strategy marketing and evangelism manager at Red Hat. Prior to Red Hat, Gordon wrote hundreds of research notes and was frequently quoted in publications like The New York Times on a wide range of IT topics, as well as advising clients on product and marketing strategies. He also has many years of hands-on experience with both IT software and hardware.

Session Time
Red Hat Clouds Today 10:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)

Steve Hardy - Founder and CTO, Zarafa

Steve Hardy

Steve Hardy is founder and CTO at groupware company Zarafa and has been responsible for product development since its launch in 2005. With a specialism in performance optimization, Steve has over 15 years of experience in the open source development world, and continues to work hands-on with various software projects. Prior to working at Zarafa, Steve worked at Philips Research and other Linux-based development organizations.

Session Time
Zarafa and Red Hat Enrich Email Environment of Leading Spanish Bakery Manufacturer 08:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)

Itamar Heim - Director, Software Engineering, Red Hat

Itamar Heim

Itamar Heim manages the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager engineering group. Prior to this role, Itamar worked on architecture and technology as a Consulting Software Engineer in Red Hat, and as Chief Architect in Qumranet. Itamar has over 15 years of experience in managing development and integration of complex enterprise-grade software systems, specializing in management of networking, security and virtualization. Itamar holds an MBA and a bachelor degree in computer science.

Session Time
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Architecture 01:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Gunnar Hellekson - Chief Technology Strategist, US Public Sector, Red Hat

Gunnar Hellekson

Gunnar Hellekson is the Chief Technology Strategist for Red Hat's US public sector group, where he works with systems integrators and government agencies to encourage the use of open source software in government. He was recently named co-chair of Open Source for America and one of Federal Computer Week's Fed 100 for 2010. He is an active member of the Military Open Source working group and a GTO-21 commissioner. Gunnar is specifically interested in cross-domain security, edge innovation, and interagency collaboration through the open source model.

Session Time
Red Hat & the US Government 03:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Dr. Malcolm Herbert - Director, Strategy & Solutions, Red Hat

Malcolm Herbert

As the director of strategy and solutions at Red Hat, Malcolm Herbert designs and builds open source solutions based on Red Hat products, with a focus on efficient deployment and management. This includes provisioning and development of cloud-based workloads and infrastructures. Throughout his nine years at Red Hat, Malcolm has been involved with the adoption of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Middleware within organizations of all sectors, including retail, government, and finance.

Session Time
Cloud Best Practices: Implementing for IaaS Tools, Components, & How to Put Them Together 08:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)

Alex Heublein - Director of Solutions and Strategy, Consulting, Red Hat

Alex Heublein is the director of solutions and strategy for Red Hat Consulting. In this role, he is responsible for the technology strategy for Red Hat Consulting, technical enablement of strategic alliance partners, and a portfolio of productized services solutions. Alex has over twenty years of experience in the IT industry encompassing a wide variety of roles, including senior management, strategic technology and business consulting, enterprise architecture, and mission-critical solution architecture, design, and development.

Session Time
Building a Private Cloud: Practical Solutions 03:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)
RISC to RHEL Migrations 05:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Noelle Jakusz - Middleware Product Management, Red Hat

Noelle Jakusz

Noelle Jakusz, middleware product manager at Red Hat, has broad experience in the design, development, deployment, and support of enterprise Java applications. She also has a deep understanding of J2EE/JEE and their supporting technologies, and experience applying these technologies to solve real-world problems.

Session Time
PaaS, Present, and Future: The Essentials for Building, Hosting, Integrating & Managing JBoss Applications in the Cloud 02:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)
JBoss Management: So Easy Anyone Can Do It 07:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Jeff Jameson - Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Jeff Jameson is a product marketing manager on the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization product team, where he specializes in virtual desktop infrastructure software. Jeff has over 12 years of experience in the multimedia and high-tech industries, with the last eight years focused on emerging virtualization and cloud computing technologies. Prior to joining Red Hat, Jeff was a product line manager for Sun Microsystems' desktop virtualization software line, helping to drive product strategy and awareness of desktop virtualization, thin clients, and cloud computing.

Session Time
Introduction to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktops 02:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Ken Johnson - Product Manager, Red Hat

Ken Johnson, middleware product manager at Red Hat, is responsible for SOA and data integration products and technologies. Prior to joining Red Hat, Ken was a senior engineering manager at MetaMatrix, Inc., pioneers in the enterprise information integration (EII) market. He has also held technical leadership positions at Vignette Corporation, Oberon Software, and Sybase, Inc., with a focus on application integration and data management technologies.

Session Time
At Your Service: How JBoss ESB and JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform Enable your SOA Integration Fabric 01:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Christian Krug - Head of Department Engineering, Cortal Consors


Session Time
Building an Agile Banking IT Infrastructure Based on Red Hat Solutions 08:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)

James Labocki - Solution Architect, Red Hat

James Labocki is a solutions architect who supports Red Hat's government team. In this role, James helps the Navy and federal treasury adopt open source solutions. Prior to joining Red Hat, James worked for Verisign and several start-up companies. He is a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and a member of the Suncoast Linux Users Group.

Session Time
Using Red Hat Network Satellite to Dynamically Scale Applications in a Private Cloud 07:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

David Lutterkort - Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

David Lutterkort is a principal software engineer in Red Hat's cloud team, where he focuses on Deltacloud. Prior to this role, he worked on a variety of tools for configuration and virtualization management, and is the main author of Augeas. David holds a PhD in Computer Science from Purdue University.

Session Time
Apache Deltacloud 01:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Ronak Mallik - Middleware Architect, Consulting, Red Hat

Ronak Mallik

Ronak Mallik, middleware practice architect, Red Hat Consulting, has developed an extensive background deploying large and complex JBoss Application Server deployments in a variety of industries and verticals. In his current role, Ronak provides architectural guidance, management, and implementation oversight, and has provided consulting for one of the largest single JBoss Enterprise Middleware datacenter instances in the United States.

Session Time
JBoss in the Trenches 05:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Andrig Miller - Global Platform Director, JBoss Engineering, Red Hat

As global platform director of JBoss engineering at Red Hat, Andrig (Andy) Miller manages the JBoss Community and its open source projects, development talent, and enterprise platform products, focusing on performance and usability. Andy has 24 years of experience and extensive, hands-on technical expertise working with open source and JBoss technologies.

Prior to Red Hat, Andy was vice president of technical architecture at Corporate Express, where he led the company to move its information systems to open source architecture, improving reliability and performance and reducing costs. This initiative included the strategic decision to deploy JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for mission-critical corporate applications.

Session Time
Performance Tuning Tips & Tricks for JBoss Applications 02:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Douglas O'Flaherty - Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Red Hat

Douglas O'Flaherty

Doug O'Flaherty is the senior product marketing manager for Integrated Solutions at Red Hat. Doug joined Red Hat in 2009 from AMD, where he led marketing for compute intensive workloads and new technology initiatives for seven years. Prior to AMD, Doug held senior positions at several start-up companies - one of which was successfully sold, one that continues to grow, and one whose technology lives on though the company did not.

Session Time
Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Your Operating System for the Cloud 05:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Dan Pacek - Strategic Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Dan Pacek is a Strategic Marketing Manager with Red Hat's platform business unit. Dan performs on-going real-time research and analysis of customer requirements and vendor offerings in the enterprise server and software markets. Dan's analysis is a key component in the development and deployment decisions that keep Red Hat's platform product and service offerings competitive.

Session Time
The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advantage 04:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)
The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advantage (replay) 07:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Massimo Pezzini - Analyst, Gartner

Roles and Responsibilities
Massimo Pezzini is a vice president and distinguished analyst in Gartner Research. His research focus is currently on application platforms, ultra high-end transaction processing technology, composite applications, service-oriented and event-driven architecture infrastructure and best practices, and application integration including integration appliances and mobile middleware.

Previous Experience
Mr. Pezzini has decades of experience in distributed computing, middleware technology and software architectures. Throughout his career, he had responsibilities in software development, project management, pre-sales support, consulting and product marketing. Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Pezzini was managing director of the Internet Business Unit of Infostrada, an Italian telecom provider. Before that, he held various positions in the Olivetti group.

Professional Background
Olivetti SpA, Director of Product Marketing, 18 years
Infostrada SpA, General Manager Internet Business Unit (IUnet), 1 year

B.S., Physics, University of Milan

Session Time
PaaS: Just a Dream for Tomorrow or a Reality for Today? 07:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)

D. John Shakshober - Senior Consulting Engineer, Red Hat

D. John Shakshober

D. John Shakshober (Shak) works in the Red Hat CTO office as a senior consulting engineer. In this role, he focuses on kernel, virtualization, and messaging and realtime performance. For the past five years, Shak has worked with a team to ensure Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers peak performance on benchmarks and real customer applications, including high-end databases, webserver, and FSI markets. His responsibilities include: offering feedback to the core UNIX kernel, participating in server and IO design groups, and partnering with OEMs and customers on key applications. Shak received a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Session Time
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6: Performance & Features 10:00 am (UTC-5 / EST)
KVM Performance Improvements & Optimizations 07:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Sravish Sridhar - Product Manager, Red Hat

Sravish Sridhar is responsible for the MRG Grid product at Red Hat. Prior to Red Hat, he was the VP of Product Management at Univa UD, a leading cloud and grid computing software provider, where he drove the creation and delivery of cloud and application virtualization solutions to meet the needs of cloud providers, datacenter owners, and managed services providers. Sravish also led the company's growth around its open source software strategy to build grid software for the High Performance Computing (HPC) market.

Previously, Sravish was part of the founding team at United Devices, a grid computing software provider, where he held various roles in product management, business strategy, sales, and professional services. In this tenure, Sravish was also in charge of global revenue expansion, having started and grown offices for United Devices in the UK, France, Switzerland, and India, while owning re-seller relationships in Japan and Singapore. Formerly, Sravish managed United Devices software development activities, building a team that delivered enterprise-class software that was recognized as an industry leader for building enterprise grids at various Global-2000 companies.

Session Time
Grid-to-Cloud: Leverage Grid Computing to Enable HPC Clouds with Red Hat MRG Grid 07:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Daniel Walsh - Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Daniel Walsh

Daniel serves as a Principal Software Engineer for Red Hat and since joining the company in 2001, he has led the SELinux project, concentrating on the application space and policy development. Dan has worked in the computer security field for over 25 years. Prior to Red Hat, Dan worked on Netect/Bindview on HackerShield and BVControl for UNIX vulnerability assessment products. He also worked for Digital Equipment Corporation on the Athena Project, where he helped to design and develop the AltaVista Firewall and AltaVista Tunnel (VPN) products. Dan holds a master's degree in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the College of the Holy Cross.

Session Time
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6: Security 01:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Micheal Waltz - IT Engineer, Qualcomm

Micheal Waltz, IT Engineer at Qualcomm, has over 12 years of GNU/Linux experience. He has worked as a system administrator for the University of California San Diego and Qualcomm for the past six years. His professional interests are UNIX systems, blade technology, virtualization, and cloud infrastructure. Micheal is a graduate of the University of Dayton with a degree in Management Information Systems.

Session Time
KVM: Real World Perspectives 05:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Linda Wang - Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Red Hat

Linda Wang

Linda Wang is a senior software eng. manager with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux BU at Red Hat, Inc. focus in the core kernel areas such as virtual memory, scheduler, networking and etc. Linda was a senior developer and then engineering manager at TurboLinux, helped managed and built multiple TL releases. She also worked at Sun Microsystems as a Solaris kernel engineer, and in SunSoft's CTO office. Prior to Sun, she worked at Locus Computing that focus on clustering and virtualization technologies. Linda graduated from UCLA with a BS degree in Applied Math and Computer Science.

Session Time
Manage System Resources Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Control Groups 03:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)

Ric Wheeler - Manager, Software Engineering, Red Hat

Ric Wheeler

Ric Wheeler works at Red Hat as the manager and architect of the file system team. He has extensive experience in storage and file systems after spending ten years at EMC in its Symmetrix and Centera groups, four years at The Open Group’s Research Institute, and four years at Thinking Machines, where he worked on the CM5 operating system. In the distant past, Ric worked on the original MOSIX process migration system at Hebrew University’s distributed systems laboratory.

For the past ten years, Ric has been active in the Linux file system and IO world where he helped organize workshops, inform open source developers about high-end storage, and helped advance the robustness of the Linux IO and file system stack.

Session Time
Red Hat File and Storage Systems: Are We Done Yet? 07:00 pm (UTC-5 / EST)