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Do We Want A World Without Technical Debt?

The product has been released, and everyone wants to celebrate. But there’s an elephant in the room, one that teams can ignore—at least, for a while. We unpack the concept of technical debt, and wonder if there is a world where it doesn’t exist.

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Episode 4

Do We Want A World Without Technical Debt?

09.16.21 | 19:41 mins | tech, devOps

Episode 3

What Are Tech Hiring Managers Looking For?

09.02.21 | 20:55 mins | career

Episode 2

What Can Video Games Teach Us About Edge Computing?

08.19.21 | 19:28 mins | edge computing

Episode 1

Should Managers Code?

08.05.21 | 23:15 mins | career


Introducing Compiler

04.13.21 | 2 mins

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About the podcast

We ask people in tech about a variety of topics—some big, others small, and a few strange. Then, we bring their answers back to you, dissecting topics like open source, hackathons, DevOps, hiring, and so much more.

It’s the things you’ve always wanted to know about what moves tech forward, straight from the people who know it best.

Angela Andrews

Angela Andrews

Debugging our understanding
of what is going on in tech

Introducing your hosts

Angela Andrews and Brent Simoneaux may come from different backgrounds. But together, they delve into discussions with an unshakeable curiosity.

Brent Simoneaux

Brent Simoneaux

You have questions.
So do we.

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Kim Huang

Kim Huang

Johan Philippine

Johan Philippine

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