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Are Big Mistakes That Big Of A Deal? Part 2

Mistakes are part of growth. We fix the problem, learn to do better, and move on—but also to tell the story once the sting has passed. Last episode, we heard three stories of people blundering into trouble and coming out the other side a little bit wiser. This episode adds three more stories of mistakes being made—but the culprit isn’t always as clear.

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We ask people in tech about a variety of topics—some big, others small, and a few strange. Then, we bring their answers back to you, dissecting topics like open source, hackathons, DevOps, hiring, and so much more.

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Angela Andrews

Angela Andrews

Debugging our understanding
of what is going on in tech

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Angela Andrews and Brent Simoneaux may come from different backgrounds. But together, they delve into discussions with an unshakeable curiosity.

Brent Simoneaux

Brent Simoneaux

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Kim Huang

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Johan Philippine

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