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Legacy systems have a bad reputation. Newer devs frequently ask how to avoid getting stuck working with it out of fear it’ll slow their careers down. While there are downsides with working with legacy technology, it doesn’t deserve its bad rap. It’s everywhere. And learning how to work with legacy systems will probably help you more than you think.

This series covers a range of legacy technologies you might encounter in your career—what it looks like, why it’s still around, and what you can do to make the most of working with it. Because even the newest technology has its roots in legacy.

Episodes in this series

Episode 52 | 11.9.23 | 30:39 mins | Programming, mainframes, career

Legacies | The Wrap-up

People maintaining older systems can feel frustrated, isolated, and stuck in the past while the world moves on. We spoke to technologists on how they reconcile the old with the new to advance their understanding of their discipline.

Episode 51 | 10.26.23 | 32:32 mins | API, legacy, healthcare, digital transformation

Legacies | APIs And The Modernization Dilemma

APIs are a large part of the efforts to modernize healthcare IT infrastructure. But their use in IT modernization can present both unique challenges and unanswered questions.

Episode 50 | 10.12.23 | 27:42 mins | Operating systems, OS, legacy, career, POSIX

Legacies | Ossified Operating Systems

There are unsupported operating systems running everything from old machinery to everyday devices. Any change can have cascading effects.

Episode 49 | 09.28.23 | 30:33 mins | Programming, mainframes, career

Legacies | The COBOL Chronicles

COBOL has stood the test of time, but what is its place among newer generations of technologists?

Episode 48 | 09.14.23 | 29:21 mins | Storage, data science

Legacies | The Legend Of Hadoop

Is Hadoop still important? Where is it most visible today? The Compiler team dives hard into the project, and how it forever changed the way we look at data.

Episode 47 | 08.31.23 | 27:40 mins | career

Legacies | Hardy Hardware

Hardware has a knack for sticking around. Knowing how to keep it running can help avoid catastrophe.

Episode 46 | 08.16.23 | 29:23 mins | Career, Development

In Defense Of Legacy

The tech industry moves quickly, leaving tech classified as legacy. How can IT professionals starting out learn and grow working on older tech?