Digital disruption is reshaping the modern enterprise, forcing businesses to differentiate themselves by seeking better and faster ways to implement new ideas through digital means. According to IDC1, enterprise IT is transforming itself by adopting innovative approaches and leveraging modern tools to deliver applications with unprecedented speed, scale and agility.

Red Hat OpenShift : transforming application development

OpenShift is an award-winning application development platform that enables your clients to rapidly, easily and securely build and deploy apps on nearly any infrastructure: whether it’s on-premise, or in a private, public or hybrid cloud.

Combined with Red Hat’s comprehensive JBoss Middleware developer tools that are engineered for OpenShift, DevOps and IT operation teams can take advantage of the powerful benefits of modern cloud-native middleware, containerization and PaaS. With OpenShift and JBoss, your clients will benefit from superior ways to build and modernize applications for the cloud, deliver new services at significantly lower costs, and accelerate the development process for quicker ROI.

A 2-minute introduction to Red Hat OpenShift

Why Businesses love OpenShift & JBoss

Source: “The Business Value of Red Hat Openshift”, IDC, March 2021

A billion-dollar market that is rapidly growing

Introduce your clients to the power of OpenShift: help them deliver timely and compelling applications and features across complex, heterogeneous IT environments and support their key IT initiatives such as containerization, microservices, and cloud migration strategies.

billion According to Gartner, the PaaS market is growing at CAGR of 18.3% worldwide, and the addressable market opportunities for Asia Pacific will be at 2.2 Billion in FY21 Source: Gartner Enterprise Software Forecast 2017 Q4 and Gartner Cloud Systems Forecast 2017 Q4
customer More customers are adopting OpenShift,
this include:
BBVA, FICO, T-Systems, Cisco, Telstra, PayPal,
Boeing, Amadeus
Source: Red Hat
"I think we've done a really good job of building bottom-up grounds for momentum around OpenShift…SIs (are) coming to us wanting to build practices, because they are seeing demand from their customers.” - Jim Whitehurst, CEO, Red Hat Source: Four key partner takeaways from Red Hat’s results, CRN,
March 2018

Why Customers like openshift

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    Red Hat technology has helped us to work in a more efficient way, with speed and agility as the biggest outcomes. By continually using the (OpenShift) platform, we expect huge benefits over the coming months and years. We're just at the beginning of the journey.

    - Luis Uguina, Chief Digital Officer, Macquarie READ CASE STUDY
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    Delivering Everything as a Service. From 20% adoption to 40% in 1 year; planning to move 85% of all applications to OpenShift platform. We won the hearts and minds of developers.

    - Pat Healy, CTO, Deutsche Bank VIEW THE KEYNOTE