Industry leadership

The leading provider of enterprise-class open source solutions

In the early days of open source software, few imagined that Red Hat® would one day shake the industry giants. But we did. With a vision to expand open source software development, Red Hat sought to “partner with the world” to create low-cost, high-value enterprise-class solutions.

Red Hat has built a powerful, innovative portfolio of industry-leading open source solutions. But we can't take all the credit. Our products are built within an active community of contributors, including customers, hardware and software vendors, and developers. From JBoss® Enterprise Middleware to Red Hat Enterprise Linux®—on-premise or in the cloud—Red Hat is the leader in open source.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux continues to set the standard for open source computing, year after year. With each release, Red Hat finds new ways to control costs, minimize downtime, and standardize deployments.

More open. More reliable. And more comprehensive. That's why Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the undisputed leader in the enterprise Linux market.


Red Hat is the primary sponsor for the Fedora Project, a popular Linux distribution released every 6 months. We're also a major contributor, collaborating with the Fedora community to test and refine bleeding-edge technology that could eventually be suitable for Red Hat enterprise solutions.

But Red Hat's contributions to open source aren't limited to our own products. We're proud to be the leading corporate contributor of code to the Linux kernel, as well as several other major open source projects. From the Fedora Scholarship program to “opening the world” at, we're always looking for new ways to give back to the community.


Already the global leader in open source middleware, JBoss has developed an Open Choice strategy that helps customers quickly and easily adapt to market changes.

JBoss architecture now isolates core operational services from container and framework choices. So whether you're deploying to traditional applications or cloud-based applications, developers can choose the frameworks and APIs that best fit their applications—without sacrificing operational performance.

Simple. Standard. Flexible. And it's just part of what makes JBoss the leading open source middleware provider.