Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit Now Available for Linux Developers

Research Triangle Park

United States, July 7, 1998

Red Hat® Software, Inc. and Cygnus Solutions, the leader in desktop and cross-platform embedded software for the widest range of 32- and 64- bit microprocessors today announced that Cygnus has ported Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit 98r1 for use with the Red Hat Linux 5.1 operating system.

Cygnus and Red Hat have also entered a partner agreement to continue providing supported versions of Red Hat Linux and Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit for the benefit of customers who want to use GNUPro tools with Cygnus mission critical support on the Linux platform.

In addition, Cygnus Source-Navigator 4.0, the only source code comprehension tool that offers on-the-fly visualization and analysis of complex projects exceeding one million lines of source code, is already available to users of Red Hat Linux 5.1.

"Cygnus recognizes Red Hat's increasing popularity as a desktop environment and as a leading OS to the large installed base of Linux users," said Ron Workman, vice president of marketing at Cygnus Solutions. "By making Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit available to Linux software developers, Cygnus strengthens its commitment to making our de facto industry toolsuite available to as many software developers as possible."

Key benefits of Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit for Red Hat Linux users include access to open source code base for robust and rapid designs, mission critical support for working at maximum efficiency, and portability among host environments for easy application migration.

"Red Hat's partnership with Cygnus Solutions will make the officially supported Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit available to developers using the Linux OS." said Bob Young, president of Red Hat Software. "As Cygnus is one of the most competent, successful, and visionary companies contributing to the Linux technologies, Red Hat is pleased to be working with Cygnus to ensure all Red Hat releases of Linux are supported by the GNUPro Toolkit."

About Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit
Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit, the de-facto standard compiler toolchain for desktop and embedded systems development, includes ANSI-conforming C/C++ compilers, a macro-assembler, GUI debugger, binary utilities and libraries. Users include software developers for desktop and enterprise applications and embedded applications for high-volume device manufacturers in telecommunications, consumer electronics, networking and office automation. Currently, GNUPro Toolkit supports more than 125 host-target cross-development environments, covering the vast majority of the most popular host-target platforms. Besides Linux, the GNUPro Toolkit offers cross-platform capabilities and support on other major operating systems, including Windows NT/95, Solaris, SunOS, Digital UNIX, HP-UX, AIX, Unixware and IRIX.

Availability and pricing: Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit for Red Hat Linux 5.1 is available for shipment starting in July 1998. For more information, contact a Cygnus sales representative or Cygnus' corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif., at 1-408-542-9600. Pricing for Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit starts at $7,495 and includes a one-year support contract for up to five developers.

About Cygnus Solutions
Cygnus Solutions is the leader in cross-platform embedded software for the widest range of 32- and 64-bit microprocessors. Cygnus delivers integrated commercially supported solutions on Windows NT, Windows 95, and most UNIX platforms for developing leading-edge software applications. The company works in conjunction with microprocessor manufacturers and OEMs on high-value, high-volume applications using robust development tools such as Cygnus Foundry, Cygnus Source-Navigator and the Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit the most widely used C/C++ compiler toolchain. In addition, Cygnus provides its customers with custom-engineered solutions and mission critical technical support. Cygnus Solutions, founded in 1989, is a global company with headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif., and sales and engineering offices throughout North America, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom. For more information, call +1-800-CYGNUS1 (outside the U.S. call +1-408-542-9600) or visit the website at

Cygnus is a registered trademark, and Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit, Cygnus Foundry and Cygnus Source-Navigator are trademarks of Cygnus Solutions. All other company and product names are trademarks of their prospective owners.

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