Red Hat Announces Developer Training and Support for Developers of Linux-Based Enterprise Systems


United States, August 9, 1999

First Linux-based Operating System Solution Provider to Deliver Developer Training and Dedicated Developer-to-Developer Support

Red Hat, Inc., a leading developer and provider of Linux-based operating system (OS) solutions, today announced the first training and support program designed specifically for corporate and professional developers of Linux-based enterprise software.

Red Hat will now offer developers direct developer-to-developer engineering support, which lets programmers talk to Red Hat's expert Linux developers to resolve development challenges. In addition, the company will offer a new developer curriculum that will be available in 16 cities, including programming for the new GNOME graphical user interface included in Red Hat Linux 6.0.

These offerings add another critical element to Red Hat's significant service capabilities, which include training and certification, 24x7 telephone and Internet support, and the recently announced on-site services provided by more than 350 Linux-based OS internetworking experts located at 20 offices throughout the United States.

Red Hat is the first company in the Linux-based software industry to offer this type of developer curriculum and direct developer support. These new developer training and support programs combine with Red Hat's other Linux training and support programs to provide open source software users and developers with the industry's widest array of service and support choices. The addition of developer training and support adds another critical element to Red Hat's Professional Service and Support Offerings. Red Hat provides services ranging from email and telephone support to certification programs to on-site consultation.

"As more enterprises adopt Linux-based software to develop their core corporate applications, it's important that in-house developers can benefit from extensive training and support designed specifically for their needs," said Peter Childers, Services and Training, Red Hat, Inc. "By taking advantage of our new developer training and direct access to Red Hat development engineers, organizations can give their own programmers the opportunity to develop, quickly and cost-effectively, powerful open source applications that will enhance their competitiveness."

New Developer Training Programs
As part of today's announcement, Red Hat will offer three new training courses for open source software developers. Courses will be offered in the Portland, OR training facility and then expand to 15 cities throughout the United States. They will cover these topics:

  1. Red Hat Linux Systems Programming Essentials -- five-day course
  2. Red Hat Linux Device Drivers -- five-day course
  3. GNOME GTK+ Programming -- five-day course

Red Hat's training courses are taught by Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCEs) with considerable internetworking and development experience. Red Hat courses are available for the entire RHCE certification track, at levels appropriate for both beginners and networking professionals looking to migrate to open source solutions and build or expand their experience with Linux-based operating systems.

Information on Red Hat's training and certification programs is posted at and

New Developer-to-Developer Support Program
In addition to the new intensive developer training courses, today Red Hat also announced the new Developer-to-Developer Support Program, a dedicated support and service offering that gives software developers direct access to Red Hat's own developers.

The Developer-to-Developer Support Program is available immediately. It is designed to enable organizations to take advantage of their developers' UNIX and internetworking knowledge to help them develop Linux-based applications quickly and efficiently.

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