Red Hat Announces Availability Of Embedded Linux Developer Products And Support

Research Triangle Park

United States, April 25, 2000

Red Hat Delivers Open Source Tools and Services to Create Linux-based Applications for a Broad Spectrum of Pervasive Computing Devices

Red Hat, Inc. (NASDAQ:RHAT), the leader in open source solutions for Internet infrastructure, announced today that it is now taking orders for developer tools and services for the embedded Linux market. The Red Hat Embedded DevKit (EDK) begins shipping immediately and answers the demand for open source software and tools in the growing embedded space, which includes Internet appliances and handhelds.

The Red Hat EDK provides an integrated development environment (IDE) to deliver software developers everything needed to quickly and easily create embedded Linux applications on a wide spectrum of pervasive computing platforms. The targeted markets include manufacturers who are building Internet infrastructure appliances and consumer Internet appliances, as well as the traditional telecom, datacom, industrial and embedded enterprise markets.

The Red Hat Embedded DevKit is a completely open source software package and is sold via with varying levels of services starting at $199.95.

"We are providing embedded Linux tools and services that can serve a broad base of embedded developers, regardless of their budget, and are scaling our services so that we can provide comprehensive support for the most demanding of customers," says Michael Tiemann, chief technical officer, Red Hat. "The Red Hat EDK offering leverages the success of our current service and support offerings for Linux, and is the next step in our vision to make Linux a pervasive computing standard."

Support services
A key advantage to the Red Hat Embedded DevKit is access to the premium support services that Red Hat has pioneered in the open source space. Red Hat Support customers receive assistance on the usage of the Embedded DevKit and response to questions about embedded Linux. In addition, customers are entitled to priority response on corrections to any EDK or kernel problems they submit. This ensures that customer projects stay on schedule.

For EDK, Red Hat offers two types of premium support:

Incident support for small workgroups, and Platinum Support for larger development teams. Incident packages provide the customer with priority response on a fixed number of requests. Platinum packages provide priority response on an unlimited number of requests, but are based on the number of software developers using the EDK.

Powerful open source offering for Linux appliances
The Red Hat Embedded DevKit includes the Source-Navigatorâ„¢ IDE, with enhancements for embedded Linux development, along with the latest GNUPro compiler and debugger. The EDK offers Linux developers everything they need to create and deploy applications for embedded x86 or PowerPC target systems.

It includes:

  • The intuitive, Red Hat Source-Navigator IDE with automated make/build functionality
  • Host development tools for testing code on the native platform using the Insightâ„¢ debugger
  • GNUProâ„¢ tools for x86 and PowerPC embedded development
  • Basic Linux kernel functionality with configuration support.
The advantages of the Red Hat Embedded DevKit include:
  • Simplification of Linux kernel configuration for an embedded system
  • Easy download of the kernel with the customer application
  • Rapid debugging of new application code or adapting pre-existing code to a new embedded target environment.
  • Standardized GUI environment regardless of target platform chosen which minimizes learning curve for new projects
  • Faster time to market than competing solutions

Pricing and availability
Red Hat EDK support x86 and PowerPC platforms and are available to order now at The EDK packages are priced from $199 to $599 US List and include various levels of installation support and priority FTP service. Premium Support packages start at $12,500, and may be ordered by contacting Red Hat Sales at 1-888 REDHAT1 x500.

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