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You have 3 choices for building a cloud

Start from scratch

Add a cloud silo

Use existing infrastructure
with open cloud

Why Open Hybrid Cloud is a must-have

Only an open cloud delivers on the full strategic business value and promise of cloud computing.


Open Clouds:

  • Enable portability of applications and data across all clouds
  • Leverage existing IT investments and avoid new silos creation
  • Provide a true hybrid solution, across physical servers, multiple virtualization platforms, and public clouds
  • Allow you to evolve to the cloud, with value gained each step
  • Put you, not your vendor, in charge of your technology strategy
Read the whitepaper: Why the future of cloud is open. What's the difference between private, hybrid and public clouds? Read the Red Hat Cloud 101 whitepaper

Why Red Hat Cloud

  • The richest cloud ecosystem anywhere, from a range of Certified Public Cloud Providers to hardware vendors, and ISVs
  • Over a decade of experience making open source software consumable for the Enterprise
  • Our technology allows you to takes full advantage of the cloud experience across your entire heterogeneous infrastructure; including virtualization technologies

Cloud Computing Defined

Video: Define your ideal cloud experience

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It looks like you have Javascript disabled. Download an ogg of this video.


7 Properties of an Open Cloud

  • Open source
  • Viable, independent community
  • Based on open standards
  • Freedom to use IP
  • Lets you deploy to your choice of infrastructure
  • Pluggable, extensible, and open API
  • Enables portability across clouds

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