Open Source Enablement Pathway

Transforming culture and process to harness open source business value

To embark on a successful path to open source adoption, your organization needs to implement policies around the adoption, consumption, and management of technologies and community development practices.

Formal enterprise open source adoption

To help formalize enterprise open source adoption, collaboration, and governance strategies, Red Hat offers the Pathway to Open Source Enablement. This Pathway gives your enterprise proven practices and recommendations demonstrated by Red Hat to drive cultural and process shift for leveraging open source's business value.

This strategic business consulting service:

  • Gives you the tools and processes to safely, formally, and effectively consume open source technologies in your enterprise.
  • Mentors you in effectively collaborating with or contributing to open source communities for their strategic benefit.
  • Guides you in creating strategic open source projects and communities to share development costs and risks.
  • Provides support in areas such as business model development and collaboration frameworks.

Embark on your path

Each Pathway begins with an assessment of your organization’s business goals, the maturity of your infrastructure and OSS adoption, as well as an exploration of open standards practices.

During the initial phase, a Red Hat consultant:

  • Introduces open source concepts and examines different open source approaches and opportunities that can address your organization’s desired level of maturity.
  • Assesses current processes, infrastructure, and capabilities to determine readiness to accept and scale open source.
  • Measures baseline open source competency in areas of governance, community participation, and senior-leadership support.
  • Develops a strategic open source blueprint that details the open source maturity analysis and delivers actionable recommendations for governance and policy, community planning, tools and training, and additional IT efficiency.

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