Operational Efficiency Pathway

Reduce deployment time, improve management, lower cost, and standardize

Make operational efficiency a reality by improving the flexibility, repeatability and reliability of your IT systems.

IT organizations today require more flexible IT services, greater capacity and tighter service level agreements than ever before. To help you meet the increasing demands made on IT departments today, Red Hat offers the Operational Efficiency Pathway.  

The Operational Efficiency Pathway delivers a strategic roadmap for customers looking to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their environments and offer more effective support and faster deployment times to their internal customers. Through a series of engagements, Red Hat consultants help you assess, plan, and execute the best approach to improving and achieving the right IT efficiencies for business.

Through this strategic engagement, you can:

•    achieve a stable, scalable and secure environment
•    ensure deployed systems take advantage of best practices
•    establish a consistent environment for a wide range of business applications and platforms

By targeting business processes around and visibility of the IT system lifecycle, the engagement focused on improving automation, standardization, and repeatability of IT infrastructure and deployment.

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