Red Hat Enterprise Linux Core Build Service

Create a lean, foundational Red Hat Enterprise Linux build tailored to your environment and workload

Integrating new hardware platforms into your existing IT environments can be a costly and lengthy process. You can’t spare additional resources to manually configure servers or repeatedly create images for new hardware, software, or function permutations.

The Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® Core Build Service is a 1-week consulting engagement that creates a custom Red Hat Enterprise Linux build when coupled with a Red Hat Network Satellite installation. Our consultant observes your security guidelines and configures your Red Hat Network Satellite installation so you can standardize, manage, and deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux within your IT environment.

Benefits of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Core Build Service

Aligning your Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation with your technical and business requirements increases efficiency, lowers IT maintenance costs, and allows you to easily adapt to future changes and add-ons. Also, you get a stable stable, secure, and scalable build configuration which reduces compliance issues and fragile artifacts by creating standard configurations per workload profile.

Engagement details

During this engagement, a consultant:

  • Creates a single, standard distribution of Red Hat Enterprise Linux enabled for Red Hat Network Satellite or Red Hat Network Proxy servers to meet your organization's specific requirements.
  • Assesses the applications, hardware, installation methods, network infrastructure, and authentication procedures used or to be used by your Red Hat Enterprise Linux installations.
  • Configures your pre-existing Red Hat Network Satellite server to start your Red Hat Enterprise Linux installations to fully align with your requirements.
  • Provides documentation of existing installation and configuration.
  • Communicates any incidental observations about other ways you can improve your overall IT infrastructure and staff performance.

Download the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Core Build Service datasheet to learn more about this service.

For deliverable details, pricing, and more information, contact Red Hat Consulting.