Red Hat Enterprise Linux Health Check Service

Ensure your Red Hat Enterprise Linux configuration is operating at maximum security and efficiency

Are your applications performing optimally? Are you fully leveraging the power of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® platform and information stack? A properly designed, configured, and tuned infrastructure delivers better system performance and is less expensive to operate in production. Architecture changes, misconfigurations, patch oversights, security updates, application scaling, and other routine adjustments can all impact the performance and vulnerability of your infrastructure.

This 1-week engagement ensures your IT stack is efficient, secure, and responsive to your unique environment. Our consultant reviews your Red Hat Enterprise Linux configuration and architecture to determine where you can extract more value in areas like performance, security, updates, and feature maximization. We make sure you are not missing any opportunities to optimize your infrastructure.

Engagement Details

During the course of the engagement, a senior consultant will conduct a prioritized investigation of a workload-specific RHEL configuration that:

  • Validates the host configuration and installation against a comprehensive checklist.
  • Reviews performance and security for opportunities based on application use-cases and proven methods.
  • Provides strategic recommendations for Red Hat Enterprise Linux management and maintenance.
  • Provides documentation of existing installation and configuration.
  • Communicates any incidental observations about other ways you can improve your overall IT infrastructure and staff performance.

Download the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Health Check Service datasheet for more information about this service.

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