Maximize efficiency. Migrate to open source.

Open source technology makes your IT ecosystem more scalable and flexible. You are able to meet customers’ needs faster and with greater precision when you aren’t limited by costly proprietary technology. Migrating your systems and applications requires a high level of expertise to ensure your migration is secure and efficient.

You need a trusted partner to walk with you through the migration process. Red Hat® Consulting is that trusted partner.

Trusted partner, proven migration services

Red Hat Consulting offers multiple services for migrating to an open source infrastructure like Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, or middleware such as Red Hat JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform, and for modernizing your older applications. Migration services include:

  • Platform migrations: Collaborate with our experts to migrate to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Application migrations: Quickly and smoothly transition and integrate applications from proprietary platforms, such as WebSphere and WebLogic, to Red Hat JBoss Middleware platform.
  • Application modernization: Update older systems and applications to better meet your organization's needs.

Migration services details

A Red Hat architect works with you to:

  • Map out a streamlined migration strategy based on your business requirements.
  • Guide you through the migration process.
  • Provide the tools, insights, and proven processes needed for migration.

The result? Faster time to production and maximum knowledge transfer, with little disruption to your business and operations.

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For deliverable details, pricing, and more information, contact Red Hat Consulting.

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