Application migrations and modernization

Move your applications. And increase your productivity and performance.

Your IT organization needs to produce high-quality solutions with less complexity and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Migrating to Red Hat open source software or modernizing your current applications, from a platform like WebLogic or WebSphere to Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware or moving from older systems such as Cobol to Java, allows you to customize builds according to your goals and improves the performance and productivity of your developers.

Comprehensive migration planning

Before you move your applications or platforms, you need a comprehensive migration plan, so you can take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and security of Red Hat’s cloud, virtualization, and middleware applications.

Red Hat Consulting implements a well-executed migration that keeps day-to-day operations running smoothly while managing risks and costs and allowing for more strategic planning and investing.

Our proven 3-phase process includes:

  • Analysis and planning: We develop a comprehensive and strategic transition plan for your organization that is based on your goals, risks, and existing environments.
  • Execution: We build a standard enterprise environment and update necessary hardware and software to improve your application and operational environments.
  • Knowledge transfer: Our mentoring-based approach ensures your team is fully trained on your new configurations.

Engagement Details

During the course of this engagement, an experienced consultant:

  • Examines your existing systems or applications to determine the equivalent capabilities in Red Hat’s cloud, virtualization, and middleware ecosystem.
  • Examines proprietary features and native capabilities to determine the equivalent capabilities in Red Hat and JBoss technologies.
  • Measures your organization’s readiness and overall migration and modernization risk.
  • Develops a strategic migration plan that includes a detailed roadmap, cost estimates, and support strategies.
    • Offers support implementation of the migration plan.
    • Gives you formalized documentation and training.

Why migrate with Red Hat Consulting?

By engaging Red Hat Consulting, you benefit from consultants who:

  • Have years of experience designing, building, and optimizing enterprise systems and applications.
  • Are accustomed to working with heterogeneous, closed-source enterprise environments.
  • Can quickly identify and overcome any potential risks and hidden costs of migrating or modernizing your systems and applications.

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