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Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

A production-ready cloud foundation

When your cloud performs better, so does your business

IT is being challenged to react faster to growing customer demands. So to meet the requirements of their end users, IT organizations are increasingly turning to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) private clouds for their ability to swiftly deploy and scale IT infrastructure. But not just any OpenStack® cloud stands up to the demands of a production-scale environment or can meet your performance, scalability, and security standards. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OpenStack Platform does, and will help you gain a competitive advantage.


OpenStack—built for the enterprise

  • Clouds that scale

    Scale to tens of thousands of systems with a proven infrastructure that handles the rigors of production use.

  • Co-engineered performance

    Linux and OpenStack are co-engineered and integrated for enterprise functionality that boosts cloud performance and long-term stability.

  • What you need, when you need it

    Deploy cloud-enabled workloads on your terms and timeline, and as your workloads and apps require.

  • Built-in security

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux has earned some of the highest security credentials, including from the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

  • Fast results

    Address customer demands in hours or minutes—rather than weeks or days—without sacrificing security, performance, or your budget.

  • No more vendor dependency

    Move to open technologies while continuing to use your existing infrastructure investments.

  • Reliable cloud

    Keep your cloud environment stable and agile using integrated deployment, orchestration, and management tools.

  • Always up to date

    Keep up with the rapid pace of innovation and the latest OpenStack features and functionality using the integrated director.

Product details

Linux and OpenStack—better together

OpenStack built for your IT demands

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, you get all the benefits you expect from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, plus the fastest-growing cloud infrastructure platform from OpenStack—both co-engineered to work seamlessly together. Because OpenStack is dependent on its underlying Linux operating system for everything from service operation and access, to hardware resources, to system performance, stability, and security, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform delivers the next-generation core IaaS and secondary IaaS+ infrastructure for your private or public cloud.

See how a university increased IT productivity with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

Leading OpenStack functionality and performance

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform enhances OpenStack with advanced features needed for cloud environments. OpenStack's tight integration with its underlying Linux operating system is critical in deploying a stable, high-performing cloud environment. This integration gives you key advantages, including:

  • Proper installation and long-term stability with integrated tools, like the intuitive graphical installer with automated health checks for all node types.
  • Simplified daily operations and policy-driven orchestration, including virtual and bare-metal resource provisioning.
  • Anytime data access with system-wide high availability (including network and compute nodes) with automated fencing.
  • Improved workload performance with the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor, using enhanced Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) features.
  • Maximum network performance with Open vSwitch tunneling and support for single-root I/O virtualization networking and IPv6 networking.
  • High data availability and easy backups using hardened storage services for block, image, and object storage. Also, use Red Hat Ceph Storage* for a fully redundant, highly available datastore.
*Red Hat Ceph Storage Server subscription with entitlement sold separately

World's largest partner ecosystem

Choose from a wide selection of software, hardware, integration, and services partners. Take advantage of broad application support with the world's largest OpenStack independent software vendor (ISV) partner certifications, so you can ensure compatibility and bring your applications to market faster.

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Open is what we do

It's in our DNA to provide open, flexible, and interoperable solutions. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform gives you the choice and freedom to integrate with your existing datacenter infrastructure, as well as valuable solutions from both Red Hat and its partners—now and in the future.

Linux and OpenStack community leadership

We're a long-time leader in the Linux and OpenStack communities. Not just because we're a top code contributor, but because we also provide stewardship and direction to their open source projects. Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform gives you a competitive advantage by being able to provide insight, guidance, and influence over feature development within these communities. As OpenStack rapidly evolves, you can be confident that your cloud infrastructure will continue to evolve with it.

Deploy OpenStack with confidence

We make implementing a cloud infrastructure easy by supporting you every step of the way. Red Hat has a proven history as a community leader and trusted technology partner. You get world-class global support, services, and certified training for your cloud solutions.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform enables us to react faster to customer demands, and is instrumental for our own internal cloud development needs. The solution enabled us to build out our own private cloud on a secure and scalable foundation.

Yoshi Tamura, Product Manager, Midokura
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OpenStack in Telco

OpenStack is changing the telecommunications industry with NFV

As the foundation for open networking, OpenStack gives the network and telco industry a path to better reliability and lower latency at a massive scale. Network functions virtualization (NFV) helps greatly reduce vendor lock-in and costs, and provide a standards-based platform for network innovation.

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Services and support

We don't just sell you technology. We stand by it.

Invest in your or your team's skills

Our training courses are hands-on and role-based. This means students stay at their keyboards for up to 80% of a course, boosting the retention of skills they'll use every day. We offer several convenient ways to train and save, with training facilities around the world. Visit our student center to learn more, or read some training successes.

Red Hat OpenStack Administration (CL210)
Install, configure, and maintain a cloud computing environment using Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.
Red Hat OpenStack Administration III (CL310)
Learn about the distributed storage features of Red Hat Ceph Storage and the storage and networking capabilities of OpenStack Neutron. You'll also configure Red Hat Ceph Storage as a back end for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

Watch a video about Red Hat's OpenStack training and certification

Learn more about Red Hat Training

Have what it takes? Prove it.

Employers notice Red Hat certifications. They know that to become Red Hat Certified Professionals, candidates must complete real-world tasks using our technologies—not just answer questions about them. Build your career by getting certified. We offer multiple exam locations and ways to train.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform
IT Professionals worldwide are getting certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.
Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack

Demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and abilities to create, configure, and manage private clouds using Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

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Rely on the experts

Let Red Hat Consulting help you deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. We offer flexible engagement models to help meet your IT goals. Have unallocated end-of-year budget? Consider using Consulting Units to secure resources you'll need in the upcoming year—without committing to a specific topic up front.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Accelerator Service
Rapidly launch, manage, and scale Infrastructure-as-a-Service for your IT environment.
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Together, we can do more

Collaboration is a pillar of the open source community. And it's how Red Hat approaches support. We're here 24x7. Speak directly with Red Hat support engineers, or access our award-winning Red Hat Customer Portal online, any time.

We're listening

In keeping with the open source way, we like to keep the lines of communication open. So whether you're a customer or just interested in learning more, connect with us. We're eager to answer questions.

Contact sales
Our sales representatives are knowledgeable, friendly, and always ready to help.
Find a partner

Red Hat has assembled the largest ecosystem of OpenStack-specific partners to provide compute, storage, networking, ISV software, and services to Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform deployments. Find a Red Hat partner that sells Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform or related applications.

Or, choose from among hundreds of hardware partners and thousands of software applications that have been certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat's OpenStack technology.


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Partner network

Differentiate your business by partnering with Red Hat

As a Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network member, you assure your customers that they're engaging with an industry-leading solution provider that works with Red Hat to test and certify joint solution components as validated and fully supported.

We give you the resources to build expertise around Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, expand your visibility to more than 1 million Red Hat customers, and much more.

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Hardware Certification

Confidently run Red Hat software on your hardware

Red Hat's Hardware Certification Program ensures compatibility between Red Hat software products and hardware from industry-leading partners. In addition to hardware tests that verify compatibility, the program requires an active support relationship between Red Hat and the hardware partner. This relationship is your assurance that Red Hat and the certified hardware partner will work together to address issues should the need arise.

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