Third Party Program EULAs

Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® Software License

BEA WebLogic JRockit Binary License Agreement

IBM JRE SDK License Agreement

Intel FPSWA License Agreement

Intel IA32Exec.bin License Agreement

Intel PRO/Wireless IPW2100 Firmware License Agreement

Intel PRO/Wireless IPW2200 Firmware License Agreement

Jaspersoft BI Professional

Macromedia Software License Agreement

Monotype Software License Agreement

ast-base-locale.2004-02-29.tgz License Agreement

ast-ksh.2004-02-29.tgz License Agreement

INIT.2004-02-29.tgz License Agreement

Oracle Java SE License Agreement

The license for Oracle Java SE ("the program") is provided by Oracle. PLEASE BE SURE TO REVIEW THE LICENSE TERMS AND BE AWARE OF THE VARIOUS RESTRICTIONS ON THE USE AND DISTRIBUTION OF THE PROGRAMS INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE FOLLOWING. The program license does not permit you to distribute the programs through a cloud or hosted environment or in an embedded device. You must obtain a license directly from Oracle to do so. Moreover, although you may have access to patches, bug fixes or updates to the programs made available to you through Red Hat by Oracle, you are not permitted to redistribute or otherwise transfer these third parties patches, bug fixes or updates in any manner. To receive rights to distribute the programs not permitted by the program license, including as described above, you must contact Oracle directly.

Excluded Programs

Red Hat's Open Source Assurance Program applies only to the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Software Subscription that you purchased and does not include coverage for Supplemental JBoss Software.

Red Hat's Open Source Assurance Program does not apply to any software that is identified as "Preview Software" or is a pre-release version of Red Hat Software.

Red Hat's Open Source Assurance Program does not apply to Gluster Virtual Appliance for Amazon Web Services, Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance, Gluster Storage Software Appliance and FuseHQ.

Red Hat's Open Source Assurance Program does not apply to OpenShift Online.