Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform evaluations

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux
OpenStack Platform Evaluations

Flexible framework for building open private clouds


Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OpenStack® Platform gives you a flexible, secure foundation to build a massively scalable private or public cloud. Because OpenStack is dependent on Linux, we’re uniquely positioned to maintain the integrity and interoperability of both the Red Hat Enterprise Linux base and Red Hat's OpenStack technology. This gives your organization the competitive advantage and backing from the world's most trusted enterprise Linux provider.


3 easy ways to try Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform delivers Red Hat's OpenStack technology optimized for and integrated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This evaluation provides three 2-socket server subscriptions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform—enough to run a small pilot environment.

See for yourself why we know Red Hat can support your OpenStack deployment better than any other vendor in the business.

Just testing the waters

  1. 90-day evaluation. Getting started with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform is easy and free—just fill out the form. (You'll need a account. If you don't have one, you'll be prompted to create one—it's quick and easy.)


    The 90-day evaluation lets you create a 3-node Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform test cluster. Red Hat Enterprise Linux guest subscriptions are also included so you can create and manage virtual machines during your testing.

  1. Free workshop. Test-drive OpenStack at no cost in a risk-free environment at a workshop sponsored by Red Hat and Intel®. The on-ramp to enterprise OpenStack program makes it easy to evaluate and validate Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform running on Intel Architecture for your organization's open hybrid cloud initiatives. No financial investment, special services provisioning, or downloading software onto your own environment required.

Ready to deploy now

  1. Fully supported enterprise product. Take advantage of the fast pace of OpenStack technology development without risking the stability and supportability of your production environment. As a Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform customer, your needs are represented by Red Hat in the OpenStack community, where we're the No. 1 corporate contributor and a major presence in all of the OpenStack subprojects.

The fine print: The evaluation software you're downloading is for testing purposes only. It's free, unsupported, and not for production use. The evaluation delivers Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform with the Havana release of Red Hat's OpenStack technology components.

Why Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform is the optimized OpenStack software for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. To run, it requires a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform includes Red Hat's OpenStack software and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux server. The components are integrated and honed to work together.

Key benefits

  • Deploy cloud-enabled workloads on your terms and timeline, and as your workloads and applications require.
  • Improve service-level agreements (SLAs) with faster IT service delivery. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform provides the performance, security, and scalability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, letting you focus on delivering the services your customers want instead of the underlying operating platform.
  • Avoid vendor lock-in by moving to open technologies while maintaining your existing infrastructure investments.
  • Take advantage of broad application support. Red Hat Enterprise Linux running as guest virtual machines provides a stable application development platform with the world’s largest OpenStack independent software vendor (ISV) partner certifications, so you can ensure compatibility and bring your applications to market faster.
  • Bring security to the cloud. Rely on the SELinux military-grade security and container technologies of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to prevent intrusions and protect your data when running in public or private clouds.
  • Co-engineered with Red Hat Enterprise Linux: OpenStack services depend on the underlying Linux to function. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform delivers the highest levels of performance, stability, and scalability for enterprise customers.

Differentiate your business. Partner with Red Hat.

As a Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network member, you assure your customers that they're engaging with an industry-leading solution provider that works with Red Hat—a top OpenStack project contributor—to test and certify the joint solution components as validated and fully supported. We give you the resources to build expertise around Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, expand your visibility to more than 1 million Red Hat customers, and much more. Learn about the benefits of the partner network.

What is OpenStack?

OpenStack is an open source project for building a private or public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud running on standard hardware. The typical analogy is that OpenStack gives you public cloud-like capabilities in your datacenter.

Figure 1. OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls all the infrastructure—compute, storage, and networking—resources throughout a datacenter, all managed through a central dashboard.

Next steps

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