Trade performance

Algorithmic trading is a race. The financial services industry tries to develop sophisticated strategies and then beat the competition by capturing, analyzing, and acting on information as it appears. The quicker the systems, the better trading desks will perform.

This increasingly prevalent form of securities trading is radically changing the market data business through dramatic growth in volume, forcing data providers to focus on extremely low market data latency at extremely high message volumes.

Software certification matrix

Application RHEL 5 RHEL 4
Reuters Market Data System RMDS 6.3 is currently certified RMDS 6 is certified
Wombat Currently in progress; contact Wombat for details Currently certified


Red Hat® works with leading market data platform provider Reuters to tune and optimize Red Hat Enterprise Linux® to achieve superior performance for demanding workloads in the financial services industry.

STAC reports

Wombat Financial Software, Inc.

Red Hat partners with Wombat, a NYSE Euronext Advanced Trading Solution, enabling its high-speed market data and messaging platform to achieve world-class performance.

STAC reports

The Red Hat Enterprise MRG Trading Platform

The Red Hat Enterprise MRG Trading Platform combines a high-speed messaging solution using Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), Linux real-time kernel, and Condor grid technology to help firms address their need for a low-latency, high-performance infrastructure.

Reference architectures