Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Consulting and Training Service Offerings

Red Hat Consulting and Red Hat Training, the two primary arms of the Red Hat Services group, are pleased to present targeted Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux offerings to accelerate and optimize your migration efforts.

Red Hat Consulting — Strategic Migration Planning Solution

Red Hat's Strategic Migration Planning provides you the product expertise and strategic roadmap for an efficient migration from Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The duration of the engagement is based specific business needs, with engagements typically spanning 3 to 6 months. During the engagement, a Red Hat architect with deep product expertise will work with you to define a streamlined migration strategy that encompasses your complete solution stack, identify high risk mitigators, and speed time-to-production.

Red Hat Training — RH290 Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Solaris Adminstrators

Classroom course $1249

Description: Many Solaris system administration competencies can be directly leveraged to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. This class will help you identify these capabilities while augmenting them with Linux-specific skills to help build a full Red Hat Enterprise Linux skillset.

Audience: Experienced Solaris system administrators transitioning to a Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform