The new IT

The new IT is here—ready or not

IT is transforming … again

Growing business demands—for web and mobile, big data, and end-user services—are forcing IT to change. Your IT team must become a strategic business partner, able to provide and broker services. Your traditional infrastructure has to be fast and flexible to support today's (and tomorrow's) workloads.

Don't redo, reinvent

For most companies, starting over isn't an option. You need an interoperable mix of public and private cloud, virtualization, and existing traditional infrastructure to meet your growing needs. Transformation is happening, and all areas of the business must work together to remain competitive.

The right solution will meet everyone's needs

The rules of business are changing. Everyone has to do more—while still cutting costs. Every part of your organization needs scalable, responsive IT systems that don't inhibit innovation.

Business requirements

Applications, workloads, and tools are available across your infrastructure

  • Speed time-to-market.
  • Deploy elastic, scalable, high-performance IT systems.
  • Remain flexible, avoid lock-in.
  • Pay as you go.
  • Promote future flexibility.

Developer requirements

Tools and platforms that are self-service

  • Reduce time to provision and develop applications.
  • Deploy new applications and features faster.
  • Improve availability of platforms and resources.

I.T. operations requirements

Infrastructure that's easily managed and controlled, and rapidly deployed

  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Maximize resource usage.
  • Build a reliable and secure infrastructure.
  • Maintain compliance.

What is cloud computing, anyway? Download the whitepaper. (pdf)

Open hybrid cloud: Suddenly change isn't as intimidating

Amid the change, many companies are choosing hybrid cloud. But to get ahead in the new IT, hybrid isn't enough. Your business must be ready for new opportunities as they come along—not when your vendor makes them accessible. Built on open technology, open hybrid cloud is standardized, interoperable, and modular, offering more technology choices and the freedom to innovate.