Why Red Hat

The next generation of open IT from Red Hat

Leading open innovation

Don't trust just anyone with a choice that could impact your organization for many years. Trust the open leader to build your cloud today with an approach that future-proofs it for tomorrow.

We helped lead the way to open platform, middleware, and virtualization technologies. From Linux® to JBoss® to OpenStack, Red Hat drives innovation in emerging technology by standardizing software and liberating resources. In fact, the first clouds were built on open Red Hat® technology. And these same open technologies are defining the future of cloud computing and IT.

Choose the technology made for the cloud

The cloud strategy you choose today will impact your organization for years. How do you ensure that it serves your needs now and in the future? Trust a visionary company that has successfully anticipated what customers need—and developed and supported the open technologies that are the foundation of modern IT. Build your cloud today with an approach that future—proofs it for tomorrow.

Start building open PaaS, IaaS, or cloud apps. Fast reliable clouds today.