Fernando Cezar Pimenta

"[...] To be professionally certified by our Linux vendor, Red Hat, helps guarantee my knowledge and expertise."

IT manager

Fernando Cézar Pimenta, an IT Manager at a drugstore automation software company in Brazil, feels that the Red Hat® Certified Engineer (RHCE®) program is one of the best opportunities that an IT professional can use to enhance his or her career. Pimenta first decided to become involved in the RHCE program because of its high credibility rating in the IT market. "I work directly with customers on a regular basis, so to be professionally certified by our Linux® vendor, Red Hat, helps guarantee my knowledge and expertise," said Pimenta. "The level and practical nature of the RHCE program validates the certification among IT professionals. The Red Hat Certified Engineer program has also been at the top of the IT certification list for more than three years."

With the knowledge he gained through the RHCE program, Pimenta developed a distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, specifically targeting his company's customers. The program, Pharmacy Server, is run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and embeds an entire server infrastructure project designed for drugstores. "Our users can install a powerful server, finely tuned for the best database performance," said Pimenta. "Users are given access security and have a Web-based interface from which they can accomplish all daily tasks, ranging from backup or restore to log checking." Pharmacy Server has been installed in more than 300 drugstore servers scattered all over Brazil. "I have had the opportunity to create a lasting distribution server and watch it grow," said Pimenta. "This, along with so many other great experiences, is why I recommend the RHCE program without any reservation."