Michael Mansour

"Because of my RHCE certification, I was chosen to take on this new project."

Senior UNIX engineer

Michael Mansour, Senior UNIX Engineer at HP Australia, has seen great opportunities result from his Red Hat® Certified Engineer (RHCE®) certification. Mansour was put in charge of a project called 'Lara,' a voice recognition system for Vodafone, whose infrastructure is managed by HP. "Because of my RHCE certification, I was chosen to take on this new project," said Mansour. "I produced and designed an HP-endorsed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 environment, which was used with HP's Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP) to quickly deploy the Red Hat Enterprise Linux® 4 installations for project Lara."

With Mansour's help, the project became a huge success. After Lara rolled into production for Vodafone, Australia, the technology won global awards for the best speech recognition software and service in the world. Lara resulted in taking over 40,000 calls per month for Vodafone customers to recharge their credits, pay bills, etc. "Because of its success, I was in turn awarded an HP eAward for the support and design of the solution," said Mansour. "I am very proud to have been such a big part of this project, and know it would not have been possible without my RHCE certification and experience."