Wang Jing

"The RHCE certification is the most comprehensive and authoritative Linux certification program at present."

I selected RHCE® because of the consideration of my career development. Since the foundation of the company, I have been engaged in the underlying architecture management. Over the past 2 years, I have taken almost all positions in terms of underlying architecture, including network management, server management, and office automation. Now that the company runs stably, I hope to represent my value with something new as my competitive advantage. At this time, I want to select an international certification program, and then compare it with the certification of other company. I selected RHCE because it represents constant growth of the Linux® market. In addition, the exam process of this program is all based on actual operation. This guarantees that the certificate is genuine and recognized highly.

Participating in Red Hat® training helps me a lot in my work and exam. In fact, I have been engaged in UNIX and Linux systems for a long time. Red Hat training is a systematic program, and it concatenates my knowledge obtained for many years, making me understand Linux systems more clearly and deeply. I passed the exam for Red Hat certification easily, and the training will make me feel free in my work later.

RHCE certification changes me in 3 aspects. First is the self-confidence and trust. After getting this certification, I know clearly that I have certain capabilities in terms of Linux and coping with related issues, so I feel more confident. My customers and my boss trust me more and give me more opportunities. Second, it brings me more development opportunities. In our company, a large number of systems are based on Linux, but we have only 3 staff members with Red Hat certifications in Asia Pacific. The boss will assign the person with the Red Hat certification to undertake important projects because he can meet the project requirements fully. Third, the training brings the change of authoritative professional image. Because after getting RHCE certification, other departments in the company will consult me for problems related to Linux, asking me to provide the answer or make the decision. The certificate itself proves that I am a reliable, capable, and trustworthy Linux engineer, which improves my professional image significantly.

Therefore, I have many opportunities to participate in projects. With excellent performance in these projects, I received a double wage increase, and my position was promoted last year from a common engineer to the architecture leader. In addition, I have been granted the Golden Dragon Award--the highest award for technicians--with a surprise bonus!

The RHCE certification is the most comprehensive and authoritative Linux certification program at present. I think everyone working in Linux-related areas should get this certification. After you spend some time and effort, you will find what you get is more than a certification, but also a positive effect on your overall professional image and a career lift, in addition to the knowledge and skills you will use frequently in your work. It not only attests to your capability, but also to an emerging international certification program, which will provide you with many visible benefits.