Yan Lee

"...the RHCE certification does well for both enterprises and individuals."

The examination for RHCE® mainly uses hands-on operation instead of multiple choices; therefore, it is no doubt that its difficulty increases.

The RHCE certification itself focuses on actual hands-on operation, not multiple choice. This increases the difficulty of the examination because the theoretical knowledge you mastered is not enough. The examination can only be passed by hands-on operation, understanding problems, and resolving problems. When you get the certification, you not only master theoretical knowledge, but even more importantly, you are able to understand and resolve problems.

It is helpful for you to participate in RHCE training before taking the RHCE examination. I have done work related to Linux® for a long time, and in my opinion, I have had higher capability in this aspect since 1995. During the process of training, you will get more a comprehensive and systematic understanding about RHCE. More importantly, the training will be helpful for you to take the RHCE examination. During the process of practical work, your ability to analyze and discover problems will improve, so the response speed for you to resolve actual problems also will be also improved. As to routine work, after undergoing the training and mastering the general frame of Linux, you will have a better understanding in analyzing and resolving problems.

In fact, the RHCE certification does well for both enterprises and individuals. For enterprises, it is a better guarantee for customers because we have enough engineers; as to individuals, your value will be enhanced undoubtedly by means of the certification.

Though RHCE can't lead to a salary raise for you directly, I believe that opportunities will always be there for you who work harder.