JBoss Enterprise Application Development Virtual

Learn to create and maintain Java EE-compliant applications from start to finish

Deploying the JEE Application Stack

Get started with the JEE application stack and JBoss® EAP Server Technologies. Java™ EE JSF technology is used to provide a Web UI.

Unit Testing

Write tests with JSFUnit, deploy and test code, and integrate with Ant builds for continuous testing.

Business Layer

Overview of three-tier application architecture, and how Java EE EJBs support business logic through Session beans.


Understand Java EE JMS and Message Driven EJBs.


Use Hibernate to support Java EE JPA and Entity Beans with JTA for managing data from an RDBMS in Java.

Web Services

Overview of JBoss EAP implementations for JAX-WS Web Services support with REST and SOAP.

Seam: Java EE unified and Simple

Introduction to Seam technologies that bring the various layers of an application together in a simplified manner.

Security in JBoss EAP 5.0

Create and manage security features including log in processes, determining user roles, and more.

Working with the Data Model

Using Seam#39;s DataModel, annotations and bijection to support rich Web UI features.

Integration Testing

Using Seam#39;s enhancements to TestNG and further Ant integration to support robust integration tests of a Web-based Java EE application.


Understand how caching can enhance web application functionality, and how Seam makes using JBoss cache simple.

UI Enhancements

Understand advanced UI features supplied with Seam, including RichFaces and Ajax4JSF.

Note: Course outline is subject to change with technology changes and as nature of the underlying job evolves. For questions or confirmation on a specific objective or topic please contact a training specialist at 1-866-626-2994.