Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Development II(JB325) outline

Build, deploy, and maintain a highly performing, scalable application

Reviewing Java Enterprise Edition

  • Learn about the latest Java EE specifications and APIs.

Understanding Maven—the JBoss Way

  • Understand Red Hat JBoss Middleware stack and tools, including Maven.

Developing advanced web applications

  • Use advanced features and techniques in web applications including Ajax and GWT.

Class loading in Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6

  • Understand and configure module dependencies in the latest version of JBoss EAP.

Using advanced Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)

  • Use advanced Enterprise JavaBeans features such as bean-managed transactions and asynchronous EJB.

Creating web services

  • Create JAX-WS and JAX-RS services with optional security.

Developing efficient messaging clients

  • Construct message clients that perform well.

Securing Java EE applications

  • Provide custom authentication and granular authorization for Java EE applications.

Performance tuning Java EE applications

  • Understand the techniques for performance tuning a Java EE application.


  • Develop applications that can present their user interface, messages, and data using local languages and formatting

NOTE: Course outline is subject to change with technology advances and as the nature of the underlying job evolves. For questions or confirmation on a specific objective or topic, please contact a training specialist at 1-866-626-2994.