JBoss Application Administration Virtual

Installation, deployment, and monitoring of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

Introduction to JBoss

Objective: Install JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) and the JBoss Admin Console.

Enterprise applications

Objective: Learn how to deploy applications to JBoss EAP and leverage JBoss Admin Console to deploy packages.

Monitoring and controlling JBoss

Objective: Configure JBoss EAP installations and leverage the JBoss Admin Console to monitor and manage applications and resources deployed to the application server.

Connecting to JBoss

Objective: Examine the web protocols and Java™ EE services delivered by default with JBoss EAP. Configure the server to disable unused services, and learn best practices on how to protect appropriate connection ports.

Securing applications in JBoss

Objective: Understand and manage security within enterprise systems using JBoss EAP features.

Troubleshooting applications in JBoss

Objective: Understand, identify, and manage performance issues with JBoss EAP and third-party tools.

Clustering Applications with JBoss

Objective: Deploy clustered applications into a tuned and clustered JBoss EAP environment.

Optimizing Applications in JBoss

Objective: Configure Apache Web Server for clustered web application load balancing, including session failover and state management, in the application via caching technologies.

Note: Course outline is subject to change with technology advances and as the nature of the underlying job evolves. For questions or confirmation on a specific objective or topic, please contact a training specialist.