Migrating from Spring to Java EE

The Spring Framework has no doubt played a major role in evolving how we write enterprise applications on the Java platform today, but it is still a proprietary framework owned by a single company. The age of having to rely on such proprietary frameworks in order to develop decent enterprise applications is now over, and using Java EE 6 has become an even easier way to develop enterprise applications based on standards, which makes it the best choice for any enterprise application.

In this session, you will experience how to migrate a typical, full-stack Spring application to a standards-based, completely portable Java EE 6 application, including integration tests. This talk has been given at several conferences around the world, including JavaOne, and now includes a sample application that has been migrated from Spring to Java EE.

Speakers: Paul Bakker, Senior Developer, Luminis
Bert Ertman, Fellow at Luminis, Luminis

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the JBoss Galaxy

JBoss by Red Hat contributes to numerous open source software (OSS) projects and the overall open source ecosystem is constantly producing new tools, frameworks, engines, and techniques. If you are "building your stack" for your next project, trying to navigate the vast OSS world can be a bewildering and complex undertaking.

In this session, Burr Sutter will highlight some key technologies that have a tremendous impact on the typical enterprise application. Most importantly, he will provide guidance into how JBoss is making your custom application development more productive. He will also provide a trailmap so you can follow how each JBoss Community project fits into JBoss Enterprise Middleware, Red Hat's enterprise middleware portfolio.

Live demonstrations will include glimpses into several technologies, including:

Speaker: Burr Sutter, Senior Product Manager, Red Hat

The JBoss Way

Red Hat has streamlined the path to developing modern applications in a more simple, productive manner – the JBoss Way.

In this session, Ray Ploski and Jason Porter will highlight how the JBoss Way and its technologies provide you with the toolkit to build your applications more quickly, productively, and easily. They will walk you through:

Attendees will learn:

Learn how the JBoss Way provides an excellent platform for building modern, mobile-ready, cloud-friendly applications and get a glimpse into what is coming around the bend as well.

Speakers: Ray Ploski, Product Marketing Director, Red Hat
Jason Porter, Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

Red Hat OpenShift: What's New & What's Next in Red Hat's PaaS

Do you want to know where the PaaS market is heading? Do you want to get there in the leading pack? Join this super-charged "strategy and roadmap" session as Juan Noceda, OpenShift product manager, and Matt Hicks, OpenShift managing principal architect:

Speakers: Juan Noceda, Senior Product Manager, Red Hat
Matt Hicks, Managing Principal Architect, Red Hat

Configuration & Management with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Domains

Two of the primary features of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform are a simplified configuration model and the ability to manage complex multi-server environments.

In this session, Brian Stansberry will:

Speaker: Brian Stansberry, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform – Ease into the Cloud

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform delivers some major new capabilities and features that require you to re-think Java EE. How you develop and deploy Java EE applications will not be the same.

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is the one Java container to rule them all – supporting lightweight, nimble, and agile development but supporting all the sophisticated operational capabilites you require to run and manage your most critical applications and services.

In this session, the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform product manager and platform architect will discuss some of the new features in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform as well as some thoughts about the future.

Speaker: Jason Greene, JBoss Application Server Lead / JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Architect, Red Hat

Achieving True Linear Scalability (Cisco's story)

In this customer success session, Erik Salter from Cisco, formerly of BNI Video, will discuss how their product line evolved by leveraging the JBoss Data Grid technology. Erik will also add insight on working with JBoss technologies as a member of a team in a startup company as well as a major enterprise like Cisco. In this session, attendees will learn the following:

Speaker: Erik Salter, Technical Leader, Cisco Systems

Maximizing your JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 Deployment with Red Hat Services

Many IT organizations would like to migrate basic Java web applications from other application servers to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform or accelerate their JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 adoption, but do not know where to start.

In this session, attendees will explore different methods of easing into a JBoss Enterprise Application Platform migration, as well as dig into the various training and certification options available for those ready to optimize their JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 experiences.

Attendees will learn how to easily scan a web application for library dependencies and the code changes necessary for a seamless code migration. There are specific reports users can run to see IBM and Oracle specific code as well as non-standard Java EE code. Emily Brand will explain what this tool does not cover and how to detect what migration efforts are needed beyond the basics. This session will also include a technical section showing how developers can expand on this tool for their own organization's needs.

Additionally, Will Dinyes will provide an overview of the new classes now available for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6, including JBoss Application Administration I (JB248), and JBoss Enterprise Application Development (JB225), as well as the JBoss Certified Application Administrator (JBCAA) certification. Will will provide a taste of some of the key topics from each course, which offer best practices in the administration and development of applications on the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 platform. Attendees will also learn which course is right for them in learning the skills and knowledge to install, configure, monitor, manage, and deploy applications to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.

Topics: Cost savings, Development tools, Interoperability, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, Red Hat Consulting, Reliability, Red Hat Training, Certification

Speakers: Emily Brand, Consultant, Red Hat
Will Dinyes, Manager, Global Learning Services, Red Hat

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Overview

In an increasing number of disciplines and industries, data volume and complexity has become both a challenge and an opportunity. Application developers are tasked with bridging the gap between challenge and opportunity and one tool in a developer’s belt to help build that bridge is a data grid.

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid is a manageable, scalable, highly available, distributed, in-memory data store that lets you scale based on memory and distribution rather than relational database management system (RDBMS) licenses or database expertise.

In this session, Alan Santos and Manik Surtani will provide a high-level overview of Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, discussing its benefits, common use-cases, and specific features meant to address today’s data challenges and opportunities.

Speakers: Alan Santos, Product Manager, Red Hat
Manik Surtani, Architect JBoss Data Grid, Red Hat

Improving the Gamer Experience with Open Source and JBoss Enterprise Middleware

Electronic Arts (EA) is one of biggest and most storied entertainment companies in the world. As one of the first software companies dedicated to computer gaming, EA has gone on to create and publish some of the most famous, critically acclaimed, and widely played games in the world such as Madden NFL, FIFA, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Need for Speed, and many others.

Around 2010, EA began a radical transformation toward being a digital platform company, with an eye for the quickly evolving gaming industry. Console-based games, while still a significant part of the industry, are now only one area. The fastest growing segments are mobile and casual gaming, which have brought millions of new customers that had rarely, or never, played video games before. And the addition of these new platforms also allows for an integrated and pervasive gaming experience. EA recognized that in order to properly engage both the new and the evolving gamers, it would have to transform the traditional old-school customer support into a World Wide Customer Experience (WWCE) organization.

This organization is not only responsible for post-game launch support but it also elevates its own game by supporting customers anytime, anywhere on whatever platform they are using. All while taking a more active role, from game conceptualization through game launch and through the longer life times that today’s games experience thanks to expansions and downloadable content.

In this session, Jeff Bradburn, senior director of Business Systems & Technology for EA WWCE, will talk about the important place open source and JBoss Enterprise Middleware, specifically JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6, have played in replacing a rigid and inflexible legacy architecture with a modern, modular, adaptable and blazingly fast infrastructure that allows EA to service hundreds of millions of gamers and deliver the world’s best customer experience for the world's best games.

Speaker: Jeff Bradburn, Senior Director of Business Systems & Technology, Electronic Arts WWCE