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Why Red Hat
  1. We put our value where your money is.

    Our technology is delivered via subscription. So you pay for what's most important to you. Service. Software that works. And we have to keep our promises every day.
  2. It starts with transparency.

    The development process is open. The technology is open. There are no secrets, no surprises, no lock-in.
  3. We can help you do more with less.

    We help enterprises gain full advantage of the capability and efficiency of open source. Especially when budgets are tight. We can help you cut costs and do more with the technology you already have.
  4. Open source makes better software faster.

    Our technology is built in collaboration with a rapidly growing worldwide community. The number of open source projects increased from 16,000 in 2001 to 150,000 in 2007. And when it comes to Linux, Red Hat is the largest contributor.
  5. Our development model is different.

    We collaborate with the open source community to develop technology that makes its way into Fedora and projects. This technology makes its way into Red Hat® Enterprise Linux and JBoss® Enterprise Middleware. This innovation returns to the community. The cycle is continuous.
  6. Which is why we work to keep knowledge open.

    Transparency. Collaboration. The free exchange of knowledge and ideas. Open source is more than a development model, it's who we are.
  7. We offer complete solutions.

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the foundation. JBoss Enterprise Middleware. And the training and services to manage it all.
  8. With the power of a broad ecosystem.

    We collaborate with our partners to deliver certified hardware and software that you can trust.
  9. And the capabilities of a global provider.

    We have nearly 67 offices in 29 countries. Our service is there when and where you need it, delivered by open source, Linux, and JBoss experts.
  10. Just ask our customers.

    Some of the world's largest organizations rely on Red Hat every day. Especially in the most demanding environments like the New York Stock Exchange.