Find the right mix of activities for you

Immerse yourself in the full Red Hat® Summit experience by discovering new opportunities to learn, collaborate, and engage in our various virtual activities. Whether you're seeking knowledge through our many sessions, looking for inspiration through our podcasts, or searching for fun with our open source arcade games, there’s a whole slate of activities to choose from.

Tour the A/V club

Get a closer look at Red Hat culture, tune in to our podcasts about open source to learn the reason behind our code, and hear real stories from customers, partners, and community members.

Step into a world of fun

Experiment with our photo maker, visit the arcade to play open source games, or check your progress on the virtual leaderboard.

Chart your participation

Taking part in different sessions and activities as part of Red Hat Summit 2022 gave attendees an opportunity to enter a drawing to win a prize. 

Tap into the community

Share your thoughts with attendees through Open Conversations, our virtual discussion board. Find topics that you care about and exchange ideas with open source enthusiasts.

Stay engaged through social

Keep up to date with all that’s happening at Red Hat Summit by using  #RHSummit to join the conversation and follow along to see what's happening throughout the event. You can also share your experience with others by using #RHSummit photomaker and posting your picture to your social media page.

Red Hat Summit

Red Hat Summit is the premier enterprise open source event for IT professionals to learn, collaborate, and innovate on technologies from the datacenter and public cloud to the edge and beyond.