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Boston, MA | May 23-25, 2023

Bringing AnsibleFest and Red Hat Summit together to give you more ways to shape the future of automation

Experience what’s next in automation with AnsibleFest at Red Hat Summit

This year, AnsibleFest will take place at Red Hat® Summit in Boston May 23-25, harnessing all that Red Hat technology has to offer in a single place. To give you even more tools to address your automation challenges, you can check out what’s next in infrastructure, app development, edge computing, cloud services, and other enterprise IT essentials—all while exploring the entire Red Hat ecosystem.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why are AnsibleFest and Red Hat Summit being held together in 2023?

In addition to giving you access to conversations about the present and future of automation, your Red Hat Summit registration will also allow you to experience the entire Red Hat technology portfolio as part of a single event.

Will there be a separate, dedicated AnsibleFest later in the year?

No, AnsibleFest will be hosted with Red Hat Summit as a way to help you make the most of your event pass in 2023 and create interactions with more peers, customers, and partners in one place.

If I attended AnsibleFest in Chicago in October 2022, what can I expect from automation programming at Red Hat Summit 2023?

From the mainstage, to sessions and interactive labs, to the one-on-one exchanges that can only happen at AnsibleFest, you will gain access to even more resources to drive discussion of how to make the most of automation. And as an attendee of AnsibleFest 2022, you will be entitled to a reduced Red Hat Summit price, which you will receive as a discount code via email.

AnsibleFest 2022

Check out our virtual content hub

Continue building on your automation knowledge long after AnsibleFest is over by exploring our on-demand content hub, which includes more than 50 sessions covering automation use cases, processes, and more. Whether you attended our in-person event in October or are discovering our virtual content for the first time, there’s a topic for you.

Experience automation in action

Watch any of our on-demand sessions based on the topics you’re most interested in.

Getting started with automation

Learn the basics of Ansible® through a series of introductory sessions. By examining different ways to integrate automation into your system processes, you’ll be able to determine your first steps toward a successful automation strategy.

The Ansible community

Discover how you can play a more active role in the vibrant Ansible community. Lend new ideas to the Ansible project and explore new ways to put automation into use.

Automation adoption

Map out your journey toward a fully automated future within your IT systems. By adopting an automation mindset, you’ll find out how to successfully scale automation operations and integrate it into your organization’s culture.

Automation, applied

Engage with Ansible customers, partners, and industry leaders as they share their real-world experiences around automation implementation. You’ll learn how to address potential challenges, use cases, and future applications.

Ansible Automation Platform

Create, manage, and scale automation across your company with Red Hat® Ansible Automation Platform. This track will cover everything from the latest use cases and customer examples, to product updates and upcoming features.

Advanced Ansible

Build your automation expertise with advanced content designed to help even the most seasoned Ansible experts sharpen their skills. This track is best suited for those who have foundational knowledge in Ansible.

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Red Hat Summit is the premier enterprise open source event for IT professionals to learn, collaborate, and innovate on technologies from the datacenter and public cloud to the edge and beyond.