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It’s easy to be intimidated by a big title. It can be difficult to keep all the different tech roles straight. What does an architect do that’s different from a developer? What are the CTO and the VP of engineering responsible for? If you’re just starting in tech, what are the different career paths you could take? In this limited series, Compiler details the journey of a fictional startup finding its way from founding to exit. As they grow, they’ll need to hire new roles to meet the demands of a growing company. We’ll hear from a selection of key hires about what they do, how they fit into their organizations—and why they’re indispensable.

Episodes in this series

Episode 40 | 04.27.23 | 38:56 mins | Career, Development

The Developer Advocate And The Exchange

There are a lot of ways to get your product out there. But the tech industry is different. Developer advocates do the work of building bridges with users.

Episode 39 | 04.13.23 | 35:21 mins | Career, Development

Tech Support, Deconstructed

Working a help desk can seem mundane, stressful, and thankless. How can technical support staff stand out in their roles, and rise above negativity?

Episode 38 | 03.30.23 | 32:16 mins | Career, Development

The Web Developer And The Presence

Does a company’s digital strategy deserve as much attention as its product strategy? If so, what does that mean for a web developer?

Episode 37 | 03.16.23 | 32:35 mins | Career, Development

The Product Manager And The Loop

Maintenance is important, but development teams also want to add new features for customers. How can they decide what needs the most immediate attention?

Episode 36 | 03.02.23 | 37:22 mins | Career, Development

The Sysadmin And The Script

System(s) Administrators don’t get enough credit. How do they juggle their breadth of responsibilities?

Episode 35 | 02.16.23 | 28:32 mins | Career, Development

The Designer And The Blueprint

Design can be a powerful tool. But where, and how, does it start when building software? And how can it drive a company’s growth?

Episode 34 | 02.02.23 | 36:40 mins | Career, Development

The Architect And The Toolbox

There are many kinds of architects in tech. What does it take to build effective solutions to technical problems? And how do you learn those skills?

Episode 33 | 01.18.23 | 34:50 mins | Career, Development

The CTO And The Vision

Chief Technology Officers know their technology. But what does a CTO do? The CTO And The Vision kicks off Re:Role, Compiler’s series on tech careers.