Clustering for High Availability (HA) with JBoss AS7

Take a deep dive into configuring and tuning the clustering capabilities of JBoss AS7.


Rapid adoption of JBoss AS by developers has been one of the Open Source success stories of the last decade. What we're seeing now is the next phase of adoption with Fortune 500 companies worldwide choosing to deploy JBoss AS and JBoss EAP to support business critical applications in production.  We've heard from our customers that the key requirement for production deployment is powerful and reliable HA, and with JBoss AS7 we've built on our longstanding reputation.

In this session, Paul Ferraro will deep dive into how to configure and tune the clustering capabilities of JBoss AS7. Bela Ban will then give you a glimpse into the future of cloud-scale clustering.


Date: July 1, 2011

  • Available on-demand
Length: 1:00
Language: English
Audience: Business and Technical


Bela Ban Senior software engineer, Red Hat
Paul Ferraro Senior software engineer, Red Hat

About Bela Ban: Bela Ban, senior software engineer at Red Hat, manages the JBoss clustering team at Red Hat and leads the JGroups project, which he created. Bela completed his PhD at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Prior to Red Hat, Bela worked at IBM Research and completed NMS/EMS work for Fujitsu Network Communications. Bela's interests include network protocols, performance, and group communication.
About Paul Ferraro: Paul Ferraro is a senior software engineer at Red Hat and is the current technical lead for JBoss Application Server's clustering services. After graduating from Columbia University, Paul worked at a technology consultancy in New York where he developed enterprise systems for a number of companies in the financial services, communication, and pharmaceutical industries. Fashionably late to the party, Paul then moved to San Francisco in 2002 and found work as a software architect for a couple startup companies before joining Red Hat in 2008. Paul is a contributor to the mod_cluster, Infinispan, and JGroups projects and founder of the HA-JDBC project.