Taste of Training: Deploying applications to the cloud

Whether you're evaluating a specific training course or eager to learn something new, the Taste of Training webinar series is your gateway to award-winning Red Hat® Training.


These hour-long demonstrations are delivered by members of the Red Hat Curriculum team and provide practical knowledge and real-world examples.

During this webinar, Red Hat Network Satellite is used to install image files that are used as Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization templates. The templates are used to quickly deploy similar instances of a Java™ EE application into a private cloud, which—when combined with a load-balancing proxy server—provides a single web application that smoothly scales to meet demand. The webinar is based on a case study found in the Red Hat Cloud Architecture (CL350) course.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How Red Hat Network Satellite simplifies managing installations for a distributed work team.
  • How to use Red Hat Network Satellite to distribute third-party applications to Red Hat Enterprise Linux® systems.
  • How Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager easily manages the creation and monitoring of multiple virtual machines.
  • How Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager uses templates to rapidly create multiple instances of similar virtual machines.

Date: October 12, 2011

  • Available on-demand
Length: 01:00
Language: English


Bowe Strickland Global Learning Services curriculum manager, Red Hat

About Bowe Strickland: Bowe Strickland first encountered Linux as a physics graduate student at North Carolina State University by downloading 70 floppy images and convincing his girlfriend to let him install it on her machine. Quickly breaking her machine, he has enjoyed a career of professionally breaking and fixing Red Hat Enterprise Linux ever since. He joined Red Hat as an instructor in 1999, teaching the original RH300 course, and has enjoyed developing and teaching many of the evolving portfolio of system administrator and developer courses, as well as working on Red Hat Academy and the Red Hat virtual training platform. He spends his spare time basking in the glow of his wife and 2 daughters in Augusta, GA.

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