Take JBoss Management to New Heights with JBoss Operations Network 3.0

This webinar is one of ten in the Get Unstuck with JBoss Managed Solutions Webinar Series.


If you've been attending our JBoss webinar series, you have already seen how JBoss managed solutions with JBoss Operations Network can help you increase IT operational efficiency, accelerate application provisioning, simplify JBoss management and proactively monitor performance and availability. Now see how you can take JBoss management to another level with JBoss Operations Network 3.0. In this webinar, we'll give you a sneak preview of the JON 3.0 release and review upcoming features and enhancements, including:

  • Configuration Drift Management and Related Enhancements
  • Responsive Provisioning and Configuration Automation
  • Enhancements for Managing JBoss in Virtual and Cloud Environments
  • Updated User Interface for Improved Usability

Join us to see how JBoss Operations Network 3.0 will help you reduce software maintenance costs, support IT governance objectives and manage service levels for applications and related resources.


Date: November 8, 2011

  • Available on-demand
Length: 1:00
Language: English
Audience: Business and Technical


Joe Fernandes Senior Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat
Alan Santos Senior Product Manager, Red Hat

About Joe Fernandes: Joe Fernandes is a senior product marketing manager in Red Hat's Cloud business unit, responsible for JBoss Operations Network. Prior to joining Red Hat, Joe was the director of product management for Application Quality Management solutions at Oracle and was previously the director of product management and marketing for Empirix's Web business unit, prior to its acquisition by Oracle. Joe has spent the past 12 years helping customers deploy, test and manage enterprise applications.
About Alan Santos: Alan Santos is a product manager for the JBoss division of Red Hat, responsible for middleware operations, administration and management. Alan has 15 years of experience using, building and promoting enterprise software. Prior to joining Red Hat, Alan was a senior product manager at Progress Software responsible for the DataXtend product line.