Drive new business value by combining workflow, rules, and complex event processing

Your business requires software that is quick to adapt to changing rules and events. Join IDC and Red Hat to review the evolving role of business process management (BPM) in the world of agile applications and mobile information workers.


Evolutions in BPM

Over the past few years, enterprises have broadened the role BPM software plays in process improvement. BPM software is evolving and becoming more adaptive—moving from manual workflows to automated tasks, back-end orchestration, extensive use of rules, event-driven problem detection, and more dynamic capabilities.

In BPM projects, rules and events have become just as important as—and often more important than— workflow.

What you'll learn in this webinar

In this webinar, guest speaker Mauren Fleming, program VP for BPM and Middleware at IDC, and Phil Simpson, product marketing manager at Red Hat, will discuss:

  • The evolving role of BPM in agile applications and mobile information workers.
  • Latest trends in the BPM market.
  • How Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise BRMS is creating intelligent business operations.

Date: February 7, 2013

  • 14:00 UTC / 9:00AM (New York) / 3:00PM (Paris) / 7:30PM (Mumbai)
  • 19:00 UTC / 2:00PM (New York) / 8:00PM (Paris) / 12:30AM (Mumbai)
Length: 01:00
Language: English


Maureen Fleming program vice president, Business Process Management and Middleware, IDC
Phil Simpson product marketing manager, JBoss Enterprise BRMS, Red Hat

About Maureen Fleming: Maureen Fleming is program vice president for IDC's Business Process Management and Middleware research area. In this role, Ms. Fleming examines the products and processes used for building, integrating, and deploying applications within an extended enterprise system. With more than 20 years of industry and analyst experience, Ms. Fleming most recently came from Symantec, where she worked in the strategy and planning group. A major area of focus was examining emerging security technologies aimed at protecting an enterprise’s digital assets from outbound threats stemming from bad process and malicious employee behavior.
About Phil Simpson: Phil Simpson is JBoss product marketing manager at Red Hat where he's responsible for market positioning and messaging activities for JBoss Enterprise BRMS. Phil has extensive experience with business rules and business process management solutions. He led the product management function at an early business-rules pioneer and has held senior marketing roles at several leading technology companies. Prior to joining Red Hat, he was product manager for the data analytics firm Renesys and was a director at SeaChange International, Ironhead Analytics, and Rulespower. Phil holds a bachelor's degree from Southampton University in the UK.

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