The Future of Cloud Computing: Transforming Business and IT with Open Source Tools

Cloud computing is transforming business and IT at a rapid pace, and the telecom industry is uniquely positioned to make it the center of their future compute initiatives and new customer offerings.


Companies can rely on Red Hat® to provide an extensive ecosystem of cloud technologies and services in order to enable large scale deployments for either private or public clouds.

Cloud computing is more than just technolog. It touches all aspects of a business. Only by marrying the technical, business, and legal dynamics of cloud computing across a robust ecosystem will telcos be able to achieve the reduced cost, operational efficiencies, and new service offerings at the scale that can be delivered by open source technologies and cloud.

Key issues reviewed in the presentation:

  • Existing and emerging technologies
  • Business challenges involved in implementing a cloud
  • The importance of bridging the interoperability challenges to integrate on-premises and external clouds
  • Seamless application orchestration across public and private clouds
  • Requirements and strategies for building a robust and scalable open cloud ecosystem
  • Addressing security concerns

Last, we will introduce core Red Hat technologies and projects:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  • Red Hat Cloud ecosystem and projects
  • Cloud reference architecture initiative

At the end of the session Red Hat cloud experts and architects will be available for Q and A.


Date: April 8, 2010

  • Available on demand
Length: 01:00
Language: English
Audience: Business and Technical


Jan Mark Holzer Consulting engineer and member of Red Hat's CTO office, Red Hat

About Jan Mark Holzer: Jan Mark Holzer is a senior consulting engineer and member of Red Hat's CTO office. In his role as lead for emerging technologies, he tracks new technologies for Red Hat and their applicability for customers and partners. His team is driving the integration of new capabilities/technologies across the various Red Hat product groups. He is also working with key customers and partners in adapting these new technologies to their IT infrastructure and product offerings.

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