NoSQL: No sweat with JBoss Data Grid

Join us for a webinar to learn how web applications can achieve true big data scale with Red Hat® JBoss® Data Grid. Tristan Tarrant and Shane Johnson will demonstrate the best approach for developers who want to easily get up and running with JBoss Data Grid.


Scale, elasticity, flexibility, low latencies, fault tolerance. These are all things we expect from our modern cloud, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and web application deployments.

Join our webinar to learn why these characteristics are crucial to high-performing deployments and discover how data grids are the perfect solution to these uniquely big data challenges.

Standardize with JSR 347

The value of data grid solutions is limited if there is no standardization. Historically, the enterprise Java™ ecosystem has suffered this lack of standards for data grid solutions. With JSR 347, the wait is finally over. Tristan, lead engineer of JBoss Data Grid, will share:

  • What to expect from JSR 347.
  • The future of data grids for the Java platform.
  • How these standards are set to turbocharge enterprise Java.

Date: October 8, 2012

  • 12:00 EST
Length: 60:00
Language: English


Tristan Tarrant principal software engineer, Red Hat
Shane Johnson product manager, Red Hat

About Tristan Tarrant: Tristan Tarrant has been an active contributor to JBoss and open source projects for many years. He is responsible for leading the engineering efforts of JBoss Data Grid. Tristan has been involved with Big Data and Big Data solutions since 1995, when he specialized in parallel architectures to earn his MSc degree from the University of Edinburgh. He is a passionate advocate of open source and open standards.
About Shane Johnson: Shane Johnson is responsible for technical marketing strategy and content delivery for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and JBoss Data Grid. Previously, he served as a Java EE architect and subject matter expert for JBoss Data Grid, working with enterprise customers in the financial and telecommunications industries to integrate data grids into their solutions. His interest in NoSQL began when he published his first NoSQL blog post in the fall of 2009 and has grown ever since.