Applixware 4.3.7 Adds Form and Function

Research Triangle Park

United States, December 1, 1997

Red Hat, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Applixware version 4.3.7. Among the updated features of Applixware 4.3.7 is a new lower cost version for the mass PC retail marketplace.

Applixware Office Suite 4.3.7 comes with a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, email, and HTML authoring. The Office Suite is available at $99.95.

The update of Applixware features a "Professional Edition" that includes all the standard components of the Applixware Office Suite, as well as "Builder," the rapid application development tool. At only $249 per machine, the Applixware Professional Edition enables users to create their own applications.

"Applixware is now the leading Office Suite in the Linux and UNIX marketplaces due to its ease of use and sophisticated feature set," said Bob Young, President of Red Hat Software. "With the release of version 4.3.7 and the introduction of the lower cost Office Suite edition, we are looking to make Applixware more accessible to an even broader audience of PC users."

Also making Applixware more accessible is Red Hat's partnership with Macmillan Digital Publishing. This partnership puts the Applixware Office Suite on the shelves of most major Software Retail outlets.

For those wishing to upgrade to Applixware 4.3.7, Red Hat, Inc. offers an inexpensive option. Call Red Hat, Inc. for more details on upgrade options.

The Applixware 4.3.7 Office Suite includes Red Hat Linux 5.0 and an Applixware User Manual and is available directly from Red Hat, Inc. or from computer retail stores throughout the United States.

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