Red Hat 4.2 Now Shipping

Research Triangle Park

United States, May 29, 1997

Stable and Secure Red Hat Linux 4.2 Operating System Now Shipping

The most stable and secure Linux operating system ever released is now available for Intel PC's, Alpha, and SPARC computers. Red Hat, Inc. , announces the release of Red Hat Linux 4.2, the cooperatively developed desktop operating system for advanced computing solutions.

Red Hat Linux 4.2 includes all the latest Linux tools and utilities, and a 30% improvement in networking speed with the modular 2.0.30 kernel. It excels as a high performance server in extremely demanding environments, from se rving secure web pages to hosting large databases. Red Hat Linux 4.2 also performs as a user friendly, incredibly stable desktop client for applications from software development, to X-Terminal (thin client), to fast and reliable web browsing. Over 200 updated packages and 19 new packages contribute to the industrial strength performance, and simplified maintenance of this new version.

Red Hat Linux leads the industry in producing the most up-to-date security features, enabling increased resistance to intranet and internet-based attacks. Among these features are the latest versions of sendmail, BIND, INN, Apache, and others. Red Hat Linux 4.2 supports standard UNIX password authentication, as well as providing shadow password and MD5 password support for additional security. The most recent version of the Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM 0.57) system allows further authentication methods to be written and dynamically added to support special security needs.

The "Official" Red Hat Linux 4.2 / Intel boxed set offers end-users additional value with the inclusion of Metro-X 3.1.5 advanced X server from Metro Link, and Red Baron, a secure web browser . "Official" Red Hat Linux 4.2 boxed sets for Intel, Alpha, and SPARC computers are available at software dealers, and directly from Red Hat, Inc. Boxed sets contain two CD-Roms, boot diskettes, and the Red Hat Linux 4.2 User's Guide. Suggested retail price is around $49.95.

Red Hat Linux 4.2, published under the GNU general public license, may be downloaded from Red Hat's FTP site,, and many mirror sites.

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