We're on a quest for Commercial Software Vendors

Research Triangle Park

United States, September 23, 1997

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to give up some secrets. Does your commercial product run on Red Hat Linux? Well, why are you keeping it a secret? Now is your chance to tell the world!

Red Hat, Inc. the publisher of Red Hat Linux, the most stable, fast, and secure multi-user operating system available anywhere, is getting ready to publish an important document--its first Software Directory!

Red Hat needs you to make this mission possible.

Please take a few moments to fill out and return the following information about products that are compatible with Red Hat Linux. Then sit back and watch as the plan comes together! When completed, the directory will be available on our website, as well as in printed form, and will serve as a handy reference for companies looking to purchase software that runs specifically on Red Hat Linux.

This is one case you've got to be on. For more details on this program, please contact Anna Selvia at 919-547-0012, ext. 242, or anna@redhat.com.

---- Red Hat, Inc.

Red Hat Software's ISV Software Directory Listing Form
 Name of Company :
 Mailing Address :
 City, State, Zip :
 Sales phone: 
 Name of Product: 
 Product Category (from Categories Below): 
 50 word description:
 Suggested Retail Price:
 Version(s) of Red Hat Linux that product is compatible with:
 2.0 3.0.3 4.0 4.1 4.2
 Choose which platform(s) the product runs on: 
 Intel Alpha SPARC
 *Please use one form per product you are submitting.
 ** All products submitted must run on Red Hat Linux.
 1) Internet/Networking
 a) web browsers
 b) Internet/Mail tools
 c) email
 d) web server
 e) Network Management
 f) other
 2) Applications
 a) Databases
 b) Word processor
 c) Spreadsheets
 d) Personal Productivity
 e) Groupware/Suites
 f) Graphics
 g) Multimedia
 h) Desktop Utilities
 i) Fax/Comm Software
 j) other
 3) Security
 a) Firewall
 b) Analysis tools
 c) other
 4) XServers
 5) System Administration Tools
 a) Backup
 b) File managers
 c) Printer
 d) Emulators
 e) other 
 6) Other (please specify)

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