GNOME Development Efforts Start to Pay Off

Research Triangle Park

United States, October 14, 1998

The year-long effort of the GNOME development community, including Red Hat's RHAD Labs, will soon be available to users. Development versions of the graphical GNOME desktop environment are already available on Red Hat Linux 5.2 in the /GNOME directory, and are also available from To keep up to date with the fast-paced development of GNOME check in at, where current GNOME news and software releases are available.

"GNOME is a fundamental part of our product strategy at Red Hat" says Marc Ewing, Red Hat Software's Chief Technology Officer. "Soon our Linux operating system product will ship with a fully integrated GNOME desktop environment, and all our users will be able to take advantage of the ease of use benefits and customizatbility that GNOME offers."

Red Hat, Inc. remains fully commited to GNOME development, and will continue to support GNOME efforts through RHAD Labs, as we have for the past year. Ewing: "The next six months will be very exciting for GNOME, Red Hat, and Linux. Hold on to your collective hats!"

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