Objectivity Delivers Support for Red Hat's Linux

Research Triangle Park

United States, October 19, 1998

Objectivity, Inc., a provider of distributed, scalable object databases for solutions providers, announced support for its flagship product, Objectivity/DB, on Red Hat Software's version of the Linux operating system. This move will provide the rapidly growing Linux user community with access to Objectivity's robust, scalable database engine for high performance, high availability applications.

In many application areas, Linux, the cooperatively developed, open source OS is a popular alternative to WindowsNT among software developers. In addition to providing all of the features of a full- fledged operating system, Linux is the only alternative operating system growing in market share, according to Datapro Information Services.

The initial version of the Objectivity Linux interface will support the C++ programming language and was developed as a collaboration between Brookhaven National Laboratory and Objectivity Brookhaven developed and tested the Linux port, and Objectivity will add new features and provide support in future releases of Objectivity/DB. Objectivity's Linux interface is available for evaluation now with Red Hat's version 5.0 of Linux using the gcc compiler. Support of newer Red Hat versions and the egcs compiler are expected around the end of the year.

"Objectivity/DB's Linux interface will enable Linux developers to fully leverage Objectivity's scalability, reliability and flexibility to deploy high-end, mission critical applications with unparalleled performance at the lowest possible cost. One example is the Linux 'farm' of 1,000 processors, used collectively to evaluate the results of high energy physics experiments run at Brookhaven's Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. The approach being taken would not have been economically viable without Objectivity/DB and Red Hat Linux," according to Dave Stampf, a computer analyst at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

"This support was prompted by a growing number of requests from Objectivity's scientific, commercial and enterprise customers," according to David Caplan, president and CEO of Objectivity. "The use of Linux for complex, high-reliability applications means the built-in capabilities of Objectivity/DB will become critical to their success."

"Support of companies like Objectivity absolutely adds validity to the Linux OS in the enterprise space," said Robert Young, president and CEO of Red Hat, Inc. "The value is in the mission critical applications that Objectivity/DB brings to Linux."

More About Objectivity, Inc.
Objectivity, Inc. is the leading provider of distributed, scalable object databases with unrivaled support for mixed language development and mixed-hardware environments.Objectivity boosts developer productivity, shortens time to market, and provides the ideal platform for mission-critical applications requiring continuous performance and adaptability to future technologies.

Objectivity, Inc. is headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA. For more information contact Objectivity by email at info@objectivity.com, on the World Wide Web at http://www.objectivity.com or by calling 650-254-7100.

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