Red Hat to port to StrongARM® processor

Research Triangle Park

United States, October 27, 1998

Corel Computer and Red Hat, Inc. today announced an agreement to bring the Red Hat(r) distribution of Linux to the Corel Computer NetWinder(tm)family of thin-clients and thin-servers. Under the three-year agreement, Red Hat will port Red Hat Linux 5.1 and future releases of the software to the StrongARM(r) processor, the underlying architecture of the NetWinder.

"We are pleased to be able to offer our NetWinder customers the benefits of the award-winning Linux distribution from Red Hat," said Ron McNab, vice president and general manager of Corel Computer. "The partnership will allow us to concentrate on our core business*building one of the most powerful and easy-to-use thin-clients and thin-servers on the market."

The agreement provides Corel Computer with the right to use the Red Hat distribution of Linux including the Red Hat name and logo on the NetWinder products. Additionally, Corel Computer has the rights to distribute Red Hat CD ROMs and printed documentation manuals to customers.

"I am pleased to announce that Red Hat Linux will soon be available on the exciting new NetWinder platform," said Robert Young, president of Red Hat Software. "The partnership between Corel Computer and Red Hat adds to the growing momentum of Linux."

Currently the NetWinder family is running a custom Linux distribution based on Red Hat 4.2. When available, NetWinder customers will be able to upgrade their systems by either downloading the operating system from Corel Computer or Red Hat, or by purchasing a CD ROM and manual from either vendor.

Corel Computer
Corel Computer, a global player in the design and manufacture of high quality thin-client, thin-server and video conferencing products, markets the NetWinder(tm) and CorelVIDEO(tm) product lines as part of a strategy to merge communications and computing on the desktop. As a vigorous proponent of open standards and vendor neutral technology, Corel Computer has incorporated the StrongARM(r) microprocessor and the Linux(r) operating system into its compact, powerful NetWinder network computing products, which deliver more than 250 MIPS yet consumes a fraction of the power of an average desktop computer. Its CorelVIDEO platform comprises reliable, scalable tools for face-to-face video communications, whether across the hall or around the world. Corel Computer is a separate division of Corel Corporation, an award-winning developer of graphics software and productivity applications. Company information is available on the World Wide Web at

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